Thinking of Boston

Runners are independent but inclusive. It’s a solo sport, but the running community is so close-knit and supportive, or at least that’s how it feels here in the blogosphere. It feels like we are a team.

Runners are motivated and hard-working. They set themselves goals and work hard to achieve them.

Runners are inspiring. I love reading about the extraordinary accomplishments of otherwise ‘ordinary’ people.

Runners think about the bigger picture; often combining months of training with months of fundraising. They think about others and will not be beaten by violence and tragedy. I’ve just seen this Tweet. It’s stories like this that make me love the running community:


I cannot get my head around what is unfolding in Boston this evening, but my thoughts and prayers are with all of those impacted by the tragic event. Why anyone would target an event which to me symbolises so many positive attributes, I will never know. To me, the marathon is about dedication, commitment, growth, discipline, learning, passion and strength. For many people, it’s also about charity and doing something outside yourself. It can be a symbol of hope and healing. Why would anyone want to make a stand against it?



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