Marathon Week

Marathon week is here!!

I can’t believe that it’s here. Marathon week. I’m blogging on my phone so won’t keep you all long, but I wanted to check in and let you know that I’m still here and running. Just.

I couldn’t bring myself to post recently because I thought it was game-over for my marathon. The bronchitis was not shifting and whilst I felt ok in myself, my chest wasn’t clear. The rule for running is that if it’s in your chest, REST.

I decided that Saturday was the final chance for me to make up my mind about the race. I had two zero mile weeks due to my chest but I was feeling much better. I figured that if I could run around 8/10 miles easily, I would not withdraw from the marathon. SO I headed out yesterday morning and managed a very comfortable 9 miles. I felt fine, hooray!! So it’s ON!

I’ve spent this evening reading all my pre-race paperwork, checking transport (my tube line is closed on race day. Whaaaaat?!?) and planning for the week ahead.



And…showing off my new nail varnish…icy!

Must go do some stretching and rolling now. I know there have been some HUGE races this weekend; I can’t wait to read the recaps!! Hope everyone had a great weekend.



3 thoughts on “Marathon Week

  1. I’ve been wondering where you’d gone. Fingers xed all goes well this week. I might be around spectating this weekend and will look out for ya!!!

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