Random Thoughts On The Run

Oops, drafted this earlier in the week and forgot to post. No proof reading, so so sleepy…sorry!

As I mentioned in my last post…my mind goes to some strange places when I’m out running.

Unlike many runners, I do not listen to music when I’m training outside. I know some of you are thinking Whaaaaat!!!? How is that even possible?? Well…I used to run with music, in fact my ability to run probably depended on it. However, once I started entering races I found that some banned music on the course…presumably due to health and safety reasons. It’s always wise to practice your race-day routine in training, so I decided it was necessary to learn to run sans-music.

From time to time I will listen to music or watch TV on the treadmill in order to help pass the time, and I do take my iPhone on my long runs in case I need to call anyone for help. I bring my headphones just in case I feel that music will motivate me…but I can’t remember the last time I actually used them.

Not listening to music gives me a lot of time to think. However, when the run is long and hard…my brain sometimes seems to melt down and wander. On last weekend’s 19 miler..this was going on in my head:

Are there mountains in the sea? How does the water stay on them {this question makes no sense…I was in a dark place!!!}

If anyone I knew was running with me right now I would be so angry I would punch them in the face just for existing in my presence on this horrible horrible run.

I wonder if I could get buried in this church graveyard…it’s so pretty. Does it matter that I don’t live here?

How did the bird die, was it hit by a bus? Did it die of shock?

I will never ever run an ultra marathon. Ever. How do people do it?

Maybe I should run an ultra marathon.

Look at the fisherman.

I hope I don’t get attacked by the geese.

So that was Sunday. I’m hoping that my mind will be filled with more positive thoughts on my next long run. Speaking of which…this Sunday is The Cambridge Half Marathon!

I’m really looking forward to it for lots of reasons:
– It’s my hometown
– Friends and family will be out to support me and the other family members running
– Cambridge is beautiful
– Cambridge is FLAT. Really flat. The course directors have ensured the course goes over every possible incline (a few bridges)…but it will still be pretty flat.
– Weather forecast = sunshine!
– My brother lives right by the start line = stress free warmup jog to the start. No hanging around for an hour in the cold and no long portaloo queue.

My race pack arrived a few weeks ago but I only just opened it this morning. I didn’t want to get my hopes up in case my ITB prevented me from running. But here is is:


Apparently they had a disaster with the chip timing last year. I think they used the chips that are set in foam on the back of the race number. Whatever they used, there were lots of complaints regarding the chip not recording the start time…and in some cases, the finish time. I think mine was fine, but I ran pretty slowly so I wouldn’t have thought to check it anyway. That was in my pre-Garmin life..!! This year, they’ve adopted a chip timing device that I’ve never seen before. It’s just a strip of paper that goes in a loop over your shoelace. I hope it works – it looks a bit flimsy to me…but what do I know!?

In desperate need of sleep, having been up sometime between 4 and 5 most mornings this week….yawn!

Hope everyone has a great weekend….I’ll be back with a race report soon!



4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts On The Run

  1. Good luck on your half!!
    Gosh, I had a veeery good friend who worked in Cambridge for a while – he kept saying it was absolutely GORGEOUS. I really wish I visited when I was over there!!

  2. Kal

    Good luck Jodie, piece of cake for you you’ve done many halfs already and you can do an ultra – as we discussed it’s only 4 miles more than a marathon!!!! 🙂 xx

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