Hope you’ve all had a great weekend. Mine involved lots of food…, in particular:

– delicious Greek feast
– ridiculously good peanut butter cake…oh and the other great desserts in this pic:


– lunch and catch up with girl friends
– Sunday roast with one of our fave couples
– and this…yum…I did not know you could get Oreo Dairy Milk?!? I cannot wait to try it…I just polished off the Pringles…chocolate should also follow crisps.


Being able to eat a bit more is a definite bonus of marathon training. Only a bit more though…I’ve spoken about the dreaded marathon weight gain before. It’s easy to get a little chubby when training due to the increased hunger levels….so you need to keep an eye on the number of treats you’re having. Moderation in everything folks!!

Speaking of training, I’m still not going crazy due to nervousness with my leg, so I trained Tuesday, cross trained Wednesday (see last post), and then:

Thursday: 3.64 miles @ 9:31 pace, outside
I took this one at a nice steady pace and really enjoyed it. I tried to do a few sections of midfoot striking which felt great but my calves were killing afterwards.

Friday: cross training and strength session
I popped into the gym after work to make some room for the Greek feast that I knew would be waiting later in the evening. I focused on my legs and glutes as this will help my ITB pain. My legs were still aching from the session this morning.

Saturday: pilates
I started the day with a hardcore bathroom cleaning session…I spent 1:45:00 in there!! Must have been great for my arms! I followed it with a more tradition workout of Pilates, following the routine that my physio put together for me.

Sunday: 19 miles @ 10:52 pace

This pace sounds so slow to me, but I really don’t know how I could have pushed myself any harder. This run was intense; mentally and physically challenging.

First mistake: zero fuelling. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I had to leave the house at 6:30am in order to complete my run and have enough time to get ready for church, so I skipped breakfast and opted for extra time in bed. So stupid! In case it’s not obvious, once you get into double figure training sessions you really need to make sure you are properly prepared and have the ability to refuel as required.

Thankfully I left a bottle of water and a cereal bar under the car, so I knew that I could stop for them after the first loop (11 miles). Unfortunately I was a mess by mile 9. Mile 9!?! So early to hit the wall…but it really felt like I’d been hit by a bus; I didn’t know how I was going to carry on. Somehow, I managed to keep going for another 2 miles and just as I was ready to quit another runner passed me by and told me to ‘keep going’. If he had said that to me a mile before I may have punched him in the face, but he seemed very sincere and it was the encouraging word that I needed at that time. A few moments later I pulled into the drive, munched on mana from heaven a Frusili bar and got back onto the road, taking my water bottle with me. The effect of refuelling was so noticeable! I got my strength back and whilst my mile splits were starting to suffer, I believed that I could press on and go the distance.

I made it home at mile 19 feeling very proud of what I’d accomplished. I think it’s only the fourth time that I have ever run that far, the other three times being during and before the 2011 London Marathon. At the end of those 19 miles, I could have possibly gone on for another mile…but not 10k! It’s a good job that I have another 7 weeks to prepare…although in reality, with a half marathon this weekend and then the marathon taper, it’s probably another three or four long runs around the 20 mile mark.

My mind went to some pretty strange places during that run…I think the lack of fuel made me slightly crazy. I must do a blog post about the random thoughts that go through my head on a long run…it may make entertaining reading (or an excellent case study for a psych somewhere).

Off to spend some quality time with hubs now before this weekend is over.




8 thoughts on “19

  1. Long runs do make for some crazy thoughts. I had my first 10 mile training run this weekend and it was tough. I did get up early enough to eat a little something which is probably why I didn’t die. When is your race?

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