Pain-Free (ish) and… A Warning!


I’m going to give you the bad news first.

If you have a weak stomach….scroll down to the next section! You are going to be so pleased that this is a picture-free post!

So I went to the gym, worked out, walked to the shower….noticed a dodgy smell…and then realised….someone POOPED in the shower. Seriously, they did their business on the shower floor. Thank the Lord for my Haviana flip flops!! It’s one thing stepping in dog poo when you’re on a ten mile run, but it’s quite another to finish a run and then have to avoid a stinking pile…!!

I tried four shower cubicles before I found one I was happy with. I was just being fussy on numbers 2 and 3. After getting washed I faced a dilemma…do I tell the staff and risk them thinking I was the dirty pooper, or not tell them and deal with some serious catholic guilt? You’ll be pleased to know I did the right thing and subsequently had an interesting chat with the lovely African cleaning lady. However, she told me some HORRENDOUS dirty changing room stories that make my near miss sound positively delightful. I feel it is my duty to pass on the warning that she gave me!!! One of the disgusting things that she finds in the showers from time to time is certain used lady products put in the shower gel / shampoo dispensers. I may vom if I think about this for any length of time….please please take your own shampoo to the gym. And do not wash your face with their shower gel!

And if you wondering…no, my gym is not a cheap nasty gym. It costs around £70 PCM and is in a respectable area of north London. Evidently, there is something very wrong with the people round here!!


Ok! So the last few weeks were a nightmare in terms of training; I swapped running for Pilates, swimming, strength training, deep tissue massages and lots and lots of this


I didn’t make it to the Brighton half marathon, but with only 2 months to go until London I had to get back on the horse this week. Or the treadmill or whatever. I wanted to take it easy but have managed this so far:

Monday: 30 minutes on the elliptical
I must admit, I have been loving the cross trainer lately! Over the past few weeks I have been using it a lot because it doesn’t aggravate my ITB at all. I’ve got a new app for my iPhone called O2 Tracks which gives you the top 40 chart every week, the songs are stored in the app not iTunes but you can listen offline. Once the songs leave the charts they also leave the app, but by that time you are probably sick of them anyway. You also get other random playlists, this week is Beyonce’s greatest hits, yay love her! Anyway, this is all FREE and the charts always contain loads of upbeat music which is perfect for the cross trainer, so I have been happy happy happy in the gym bouncing along to everything from Gangnam Style to Dizzee Rascall to Taylor Swift. Yep I’m cool.

Tuesday: 5.5 miles @ 11:00 pace
This was actually the V Tread interval class, so whilst my pace is sloooooow I was actually doing lots of sprint / walk / sprint / walk. LOVED IT and only minimal pain, randomly shooting from my hip all over the pace. It only lasted a few seconds so I’m a happy bunny.

Thursday: 10k @ 9:59 pace
This is the furthest I have ever been on the treadmill. I broke it into 2 x 5 k with a couple of minutes recover and stretch in the middle. I had zero pain in my knee and a small amount of discomfort in my hip.

I am SO happy to be running again and hope to run long this weekend to get myself back in the marathon game. I won’t go wild though, I don’t want to do any more damage.


Well done to my friends and fellow bloggers that ran this weekend, particularly the Brighton half marathon. It sounds like it was a beautiful day…!!



9 thoughts on “Pain-Free (ish) and… A Warning!

  1. My husband is a gym manager and some of the stuff people do is just absolutely horrible. I don’t know what it is about gyms that cause people to act like animals. They had to stop one man from shaving a certain area in the steam room! YUCK.

    Good luck with your long run this weekend! Glad to see you making progress on the injury front.

  2. Ali Smith

    I gagged on my morning coffee whilst reading the first part of your blog but the second half made up for it! Yay being able to run without pain. So so so pleased for you. Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues x

    1. Haha, sorry above that love! I can’t stop telling people, I feel like it’s my civic duty or something. I am SO happy about my knee but under no illusions that I won’t have to be careful to stop it returning…eeek x

  3. I read this last week and meant to comment then but couldn’t from my phone. It’s haunted me ever since and I told G about not ever using the soap in the gym EVER AGAIN. I’m already paranoid enough about other people’s dirt at the gym but this takes it to a whole new level. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???? Bleugh…. Well done on being pain free and on running 16 miles (next post!). 😉 Happy Monday.

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