These three little letters, which appear next to various names in race result listings, means that said runners did not make it to the start line. Did Not Start. Why?! Behind these letters are a number of different stories, the majority involving at least one of the following:

1. Laziness / lack of commitment to the cause
2. Illness
3. Running injury
4. Accident

I am sad to say that I have had DNSs for all of the above reasons:

1. Run to the Beat…2009?? – Reason 1, the most ridiculous reason to pull out of a race, laziness. Entirely avoidable and a waste of entry fee! I’m still angry at myself, ha!

2. Paris Marathon 2009 – Reasons 3 and 4, car accident leading to injury. Unavoidable but disappointing. A LOT of good came out of that situation, thank God!

3. Buntingford 10 2011 Reason 2, chest infection. This was over Christmas, SOOO miserable! Think there was little I could have done to prevent this – I was fit, well trained and just got sick. They say not to run if the illness is in your chest so I followed doctors orders and stayed in bed.

And now…I’m very sorry to say that it will be a DNS for me at the Brighton Half Marathon this weekend.

Why? My IT band. It’s holding up when running, although I’ve not taken it past 5 miles at any point over the last fortnight, but I’m struggling to walk the day after ever run. This is making it impossible to train on consecutive days and get the miles under my belt for the marathon. The London marathon is my number 1 priority in terms of racing so I need to Rest and Recover. I also have a ENT thing going on (hate sinus pain etc!) but that is fairly irrelevant as it came on last night and I’d already made my decision to pull out.

So…what’s the plan, how will I shake this thing?! I have a plan! Thanks to the physio/osteo and PT for helping me get my shizzle together. More on that to come…!!

Before I go I want to say good luck to my friends and fellow bloggers that are racing in Brighton and elsewhere this weekend. I’ll be thinking of you! Have fun!!


4 thoughts on “DNS

  1. ach..I’m sorry to hear..BUT, I think you 100000% made the absolute right choice. It’s much better to try and heal now because you must race that London marathon – who else am I going to live that experience through, obviously! 🙂

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