Things Don’t Always Go To Plan


I was hoping that my post-weekend blog post would be all about my fun-packed weekend and my AWESOME 17 mile training run. Sadly, as this title suggests, my weekend did not turn out as expected.

First, my friend broke her foot so we had to cancel the girlie get-together we had planned, very rubbish for my poor girl friend!

Second, my knee gave way 3 miles into a beautiful run on Hampstead Heath. I struggled on, looking for the nearest underground station and a way out of the PAIN! I was extremely disappointed. The pain continued when walking and still hasn’t completely gone. I’ve been icing and using Volterol as instructed by the physio. He has noticed that my left knee rolls inwards, which he thinks is caused by weak glutes, so I have loads of bum exercises to do daily! I am also foam rolling daily…I WILL beat this thing!

Third…little BellaBum got attacked in the garden by another cat! Poor little love spent all Saturday in the vet surgery getting stitches on her tail. She is now a cone-head and I’ve had to make her some home made booties so stop her ripping the dressing off her tail. Her tail now resembles a rat tail – hope the fur grows back soon!!


Moving On

I will not let this knee set-back undo all the hard work I’ve put in! I’m having to mix up the workouts and reduce the miles for now:

Monday: 1,000 metre swim and core session with DP
I don’t think I’ve been swimming for months. I may have resembled a drowning rat, but I really enjoyed it. My arms are killing today, which much be a good sign. In the evening, Danny was kind enough to humour me and join me on my yoga mat for some foam rolling, weights, squats, crunches and planks.

Tuesday: V-Tread Class @ Virgin Active
I am SERIOUSLY bad at speed work. I avoid it at all costs! So…when my friend told me about this group treadmill class that forces you to up your pace and work hard, I thought I should probably try it. I couldn’t imagine a group treadmill class, but the way our gym is set up makes it work – there are two rows of 6 treadmills fairly close together. The class instructor walks between the rows telling us when to up our pace, how much by and for how long. The instructor is really encouraging and made the effort to come and talk with me as he realised that I was new to the class. I really enjoyed the session – it forced me to hold a fast pace for much longer than I would if I was training alone. I was nervous about my knee but I started very slowly and slowed to a walk between speed intervals to try and take it easy. I am looking forward to trying the class again next week.

Today: TBC…might pop to the gym later but I really think I should be sticking to one day on, one day off as far as running is concerned. It may be a Cassey Ho blogilates night!!!

I have some VERY boring chores to crack on with now so I better get moving. Hope everyone is getting on well with their training. Stay focused and injury free!!



5 thoughts on “Things Don’t Always Go To Plan

  1. Yikes on the knee but well done on your dreadmill speed training!!! I hope your knee sorts itself out as you have a very important windy, ehm, I mean picturesque half marathon to run, right?! 😉

      1. If your foot’s really bad, I’d say DNS! But if you think you can run, I’d just take this as another training run. Don’t push for your sub-2 hour goal as you might make it worse or really hurt it with the strain. Just go for a 13-mile training run and enjoy the atmosphere!

  2. oh gosh! I’m so sorry about the knee pain! I hope it’s getting better?!
    Also..your little cat..AND your friend. I’m sorry 😦

    a speedwork class? I’d LOVE to try something like that, what a nice idea!

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