I’ll Be Back Soon!

Just a quick hello and update from me! I wanted to do a proper Sunday Stats but I’m short on time. In fact, short on time has been the story of my weekend and as a result didn’t manage to get my long run in. Pretty gutted as it is the most important run of the weekend but as I got a hot date with my hubby instead, so I definitely can’t complain! I care a lot about the marathon and I love training…but obviously the hubs is the top priority.

Friday Workout: 1.7 miles @ 10:26 pace

My body is seriously challenged by the increased mileage! Friday’s planned 5 miler turned into a gentle run and stretch. Sometimes, you just need it.

Saturday Workout: 5 miles @ 9:17 pace

This was my fave workout this week, the whole day was so much fun! It was freezing outside and I needed some help to get motivated, so I ran to my friends place (1.8m) and then we went into her huge communal garden and did intervals of sprint, jog, walk across the lawn, it was tough but necessary! She then KILLED me with a kettlebell workout (I have zero strength) before we went back to intervals. Then, after a cuppa and a chit chat, I braved the cold and ran home. As it was so bitter outside I decided a fartlek session was the only way to go! Fartlek is Swedish for ‘speed play’ and basically means you just run at varying speeds during your session I.e. pick a lamp post in the distance and sprint to it. Once you reach it, pick a parked car and jog to it, then pick a shop window and sprint to it…and so on. Keeps it varied and builds up your speed. AND it keeps you warm.

Speaking of the cold weather, I am headed Scotland very soon. The weather report says it going to be minus 14. MINUS FOURTEEN. Craziness. How will I run?

In other news, in my mission to be healthy, we joined friends on Saturday for an amazing sushi! I opted for a nigiri and sashimi selection. So tasty and low in calories. Happy!!!


Goodbye…but just for now

I am going to be offline for the next couple of weeks! Shocker! But I will still be running and I hope I will have some interesting things to report on my return to the blogosphere. Hope everyone has a good few weeks of winter training. Think of me as I freeze my backside off in subzero, mountainous terrain!



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