Tasty AND Healthy…Go On Then!

Good evening!! It’s nearly the weekend, thank goodness…the first week back is always SOOO hard! Love my job but I do also love bed and holidays…

Thursday’s Workout: 5 miles @ 9:28 pace


What happened to Wednesday’s workout you ask? Well this cold still hasn’t shifted so I swapped my Friday rest day.

Today called for 5 miles ‘steady’. Not really sure what steady means but I’m going with not fast, not slow, and even splits. So…I’m happy with the average pace but my splits were dodgy as always. Blaming it on the hills 😉


It seems like ages since I last ran outside. It was pretty cold (it’s around 4 but feels sub zero to me!) so layers and leggings were necessary. It’s ok though, in north London you get to breathe in everyone else’s second hand cigarette smoke as you run down the High Road which is always delightful and really burns warms my little lungs heart. Seriously though I was shocked by the number of smokers this afternoon…I thought the entire population quit everything unhealthy in Jan? Apparently not. Maybe they were just trying to keep warm. The car fumes were great too but I’m going to stop ranting about the dirty London roads now before I start to sound like a seasoned treadmill runner which I most definitely am not!

Food Glorious Food

On the subject of trying to have a healthy January, I’ve been making more of an effort with food this week. Partly, it’s because I need this cold to leave and I figure it’s probably afraid of fruit and vegetables. One of the challenges I face is that my husband and I do not share the same taste in food but I do all the cooking. He will happily eat takeaway food every day without gaining a pound, but I am not so lucky. I try to take advantage of being able to make lunches for just me (he buys his in the City) and have been making HUGE AND DELICIOUS salads.


I don’t tend to look at recipes for salad…I just throw together whatever is in the fridge. This one (Tuesday) was lettuce, carrot, spring onion, tomato, pine nuts and avocado with a little bit of ranch dressing. Today it was very similar but I replaced the avocado with feta, beetroot and gherkins, and switched to balsamic instead of ranch. YUM.

I tried a new recipe for last night’s dinner, actually I combined a few recipes and ended up with this…it was really tasty so I wanted to share it!

Tuna steaks with ginger sweet potato mash


Shame I didn’t clean up the plate like they do in restaurants, that rogue sauce is bothering me!!

Really simple, very quick, healthy and tasty. It even passed the HUSBAND TEST and as my husband claims to hate fish…I was ecstatic! It is a very meaty fish so make sense that he would like it if he was going to like any fish.

So…if you want to make this (YOU SHOULD) all you need to do is pop some sweet potatoes on to boil as you would to make any mash potato. They need max 15 minutes. Then, slice some spring onions (I did varying lengths from 1 inch to 1cm) and fry them in a little oil for 5 mins in a large frying pan. Next add the tuna steaks to the pan with the onions (push onions to the edges, they are done).

Cook tuna for 1 minute on each side for rare, or two minutes for medium. Mine were medium/well done in order to please the fish hater :). After this, add between 2 and 4 tbsp soy sauce to the pan depending on how much sauce you like. You can use dark or light – I used a combo and went for around 2 tbsp…may do 3 next time as the sauce was great. Add 4 baby bok choi to the pan (slice the bottoms off first so you are left with all the leaves).

Mash the potato and add a good knob of butter and a good sprinkling of ground ginger. It will taste divine and should have a great texture. Serve the tuna steaks and the greens on top of the sweet potato mash. YUM YUM enjoy!!

Healthy pizza…what?!?!?!

Yep, tonight I tried to make healthy pizza! Not sure how healthy…but definitely more so than Dominos!


I totally cheated and bought a fresh Italian base from Waitrose. My meals need to be fast during the week! To the base I added some tinned tomatoes (you only need a few spoonfuls), a few sliced cherry tomatoes, sliced mushroom, some Italian deli meat of some description (ok not too healthy but it was only 1 slice on my half!), courgette which I had peeled into long ribbons using a potato peeler, finished off with some small pieces of mozerella, black pepper and some spray oil. 8 minutes in the oven and then it’s done, yay!

Ok, so enough if me pretending to be on masterchef. To add context, I couldn’t cook when I got married…genuinely, I was useless. I didn’t really try, I just ate salad, pasta and fish cakes. This explains why I get very excited when I manage to cook and it tastes good. Cooking is a learning curve but I’m getting there!

Better be off, I need an early night, COLD BE GONE!



4 thoughts on “Tasty AND Healthy…Go On Then!

  1. The avocado salad looks delish! I’m back in The Netherlands now and our temps here are quite similar… although I just returned from Canada so this feels pretty warm now to me haha!

  2. sofitsogreen

    All of that food looks so good! I am on a perpetual quest for healthy pizza- I have to try yours! I am a fellow fitness/health nut and I am so happy I found your blog, can’t wait to read more. I’m over at SoFitandSoGreen.blogspot.com 🙂

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