New Year – Reflect and Refocus!

Like everybody else on the planet, I have spent some time over the last few weeks thinking about my dreams and aspirations for the year ahead. I prefer not to make resolutions, but I like to reflect and refocus.

A few months ago I wrote a post called Reluctant Goal Setting, where I talked about some of my plans. Looking back at this, I have not managed to tick many of them off the list! I did not get my weekly mileage up to 35 before Christmas (in hindsight, I think this was unrealistic, I’m not even at 35 now!) but I have picked a marathon training schedule and I’m starting to get used to doing speed work on the treadmill. Oh and I purchased a full length mirror after wanting one for EVER (pretty irrelevant but it was on the list).

My fitness goals for 2013 remain the same:

1. Run a sub 2-hour half marathon;

2. Run a sub 4:30 marathon.

PLUS, I want to tone up so I need to focus on eating well and doing strength and core work.

So far this week I have only been on one run. Monday was an optional rest day…you don’t need to invite me to rest twice :). Yesterday I was due to run 5 miles with 3 fast miles in the middle, so it looked like this:

Tuesday’s Workout:

1 mile warmup @ 11:45 pace (how slow??)

5 k ‘fast’ @ 8:23 pace (no splits as I was on the tread’)

1 mile cooldown @ 11:15 pace

The 5k took 26:04 which is my fastest ever timed 5k. YAY! I was really happy as this cold has been bugging me and I wasn’t sure I could do anything ‘fast’ without being able to breathe :). Tonight’s session is meant to be 5 miles at steady pace. As I’m feeling even more bunged up today I do not have high hopes but I’ll see how I go.



8 thoughts on “New Year – Reflect and Refocus!

  1. Excellent job on your speediness! I don’t love running on treadmills, but they do make it harder for you to slow down! Hope you feel better!

  2. pickyrunner

    Great 5k! I think your goals are totally reasonable if you really put your mind to them. And you’ll find that working towards them will change your diet and lifestyle at the same time!

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