Rest, Recovery, NYE, Country Retreat AND City Break!

I would love to spend this post recapping some amazing 2013 training runs, but sadly, that is not going to happen. Right now I am extremely grateful that I built an extra week into my marathon training schedule, because it is only week two and I have ground to a halt! Not injury, thank goodness, just that stinking cold that seems to be doing the rounds. I tried to jump on the treadmill yesterday but only managed 17 minutes VERY slowly, bringing my total weekly mileage to around 1.5 miles. Oh dear.

At least I got to wear the Nike Tempos that I picked up in the Sweatshop sale. Loving the pink and purple edging.


SO the plan for this weekend is rest, rest, rest. I go back to work on Monday having had two full weeks off and I want to be fit and well. I will throw myself back into training as soon as I am able to!

In other happier news, lots of other fun things have been happening (pre sickness):

New Year – Murder Mystery

The evening went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! I didn’t take many pictures because my brother in law is a professional photographer and was doing a much better job than me, but here are a few:


Prepping the beef bourginion in my new Le Cruset pot. Love this so much! This dish is great for entertaining as it goes in the oven three hours before, all in one pot. You don’t need to do anything.


Me and my sister-in-law getting ready. Her character was called Lady Bla Bla, she made an incredible Ga-Ga-esque hottie. I was in awe of her ability to wear Lycra all night, she looked amazing! My character was the host and just had to wear satin and be perfectly manicured. Nice and easy, so I wore my Karen Millen LBD with black and gold Jimmy Choo slingbacks.

My husband was essentially a posho called Tarquin. He was on drinks duty all night and did a great job keeping our guests well-watered. It’s great being teammates :).


The morning after, my bother’s new wife and I headed to Chelsea for a recovery lunch at The Bluebird. It was our first time and we were pleasantly surprised, it was even better than it appears on TV! Our celeb spotting mission failed though as no Made in Chelsea stars were dining there. Shame. We were hoping to hob nob with Francis and Proudlock. Maybe next time? Judge me all you want for being a MiC viewer/stalker, but I find it absolutely hilarious!

Three Year Anniversary

After new year, it was time to celebrate our wedding anniversary alone and away from London. The traditional gift for three years is leather. How amazing is that? The first two years are cotton and paper..but LEATHER equals SHOES OR BAGS! We went for bags, managing to get some bargains in the John Lewis and Fenwicks sales. All packed up and ready to go:


My present to Dan is the overnight bag at the back. He picked it and he loves it so I am happy! He got me the beautiful Ralph Laurent handbag which I am thrilled with (we picked it together). The flowery case is my overnight bag by Liberty (not new). My Mum got it for me a few years ago and I never get bored of it, it is just too cute.

We alternate responsibility for organising our getaways each year, and this year was DP’s turn. He whisked us off to the stunning Peak District to stay in a remote spa hotel before heading to a boutique hotel in Sheffield so that he could get to know the city that I called home for 4 years during university.


I really recommend the Losehill Hotel and Spa in Hope Valley. It was beautiful and the service was great. We enjoyed an hour long massage each before taking a dip in the pool and sitting in the outside hot tub under the stars! We dined in their beautiful restaurant, trying some unusual local canapés including pigs ear and a beetroot macaroon. Very different! The menu was original and almost entirely organic and locally sourced. We spent most of the night talking about business like the secret nerds that we are. Fun though!


The hotel even had a friendly resident kitty. We let her in to our room for a cuddle which was a mistake because she decided to return in the early hours, waking us up by sitting outside our door meowing. I missed Bella so I really didn’t mind too much.

The following day, we drove through the Peaks and arrived in Sheffield. I showed Dan around, pointing out my old houses and student digs. We stayed at the Leopold Hotel which is centrally located, ideal for a city break. When they learned that we were celebrating our anniversary they immediately offered us complimentary bubbly and brownies which was a nice touch. We stayed in a mezzanine suite which was nice and spacious. My only criticism is that it is pretty dark despite the huge double-height window. The building is a converted old school so there are probably limits as to what they were able to do with the conversion.


In the evening we headed to tapas bar, Cubana. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It seems very authentic, the food is incredible and the service was good. Have a mojito or two if you visit! We were in Sheffield on an unusually quiet day – being just after new year, a week day and with no students back in town yet. Despite this, Cubana had great atmosphere unlike the rest of town which was dead.




We struggled to find places to drink because everywhere was so quiet, but we settled down for a few in Old House (formerly Halcyon) and Bungalows and Bears (formerly the Fire Station I think). I cannot express enough love for this city. Every time I return it has improved, new buildings have sprung up and yet the old traditional buildings in the city centre still look great and help the place retain its character.

So now…I’m drowning in a pile of snotty tissues and dosing up on Lemsip and Berocca. I’m missing a family day out at the Tottenham Hotspurs game – my brother organised a box for us all. I am gutted, I hate missing out, but I hate being ill more so focusing on getting better. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.



6 thoughts on “Rest, Recovery, NYE, Country Retreat AND City Break!

  1. I did not know that the 3 year tradition was leather… that definitely gives me something to look forward to in July! I hope you get feeling better, this cold seems to be global. Everyone I know has it & I certainly do not have time to get it!

  2. happy anniversary!! looks like u spent it in a wonderful spot!
    i’m sorry that u’re sick…ugh, i am too and it seems like most of us are. it stinks but u’re smart to just adjust ur training plans and u’ll still be rocking in that marathon.
    i’ve also always wanted to go to a murder mystery party…looks like such a blast!

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