Looking Back

Today is a rest day (it’s optional but my right knee was sore this morning so I welcomed the break). I have nothing running related to report but thought I’d share some New Year love anyway!

DP and I had a festive coffee date the other day. It was pouring with rain and we were umbrella-less and car-less so we ended up staying much longer than expected. This gave us a great opportunity to talk…really talk, not just chit chat, planning and the usual life stuff, but instead we reflected on where we were this time last year and how much has happened in 2012. I think it’s so important to look back, reflect and be grateful for what happened this year.

Here are some of our ‘best bits’ from 2012:


We enjoyed a fantastic 4 day getaway to the UAE. We stayed at the Hilton on Jumeriah Beach and enjoyed relaxing in the sun, shopping and sightseeing. Highlights included champagne at the world’s first (only???) 7* hotel and watching the incredible fountain display outside the world’s tallest building, the Burj Kalifa. Go to Dubai…you will not regret it! Oh…but don’t break your camera (or rather, delete the pictures because you think it’s broken I AM SO STUPID).

One of only 2 surviving photos, DP enjoying the great views and canapés at the Burj Al Arab


My best friend’s wedding

One of my very besties got married to a wonderful man who loves her and honours her. I know that he will always do his best to lead her, care for her and provide for her. He will make her laugh, challenge her, and ensure she always eats well because he is Greek and LOVES food!! Hehe. I could not be happier for both of them. Since they have been married I’ve watched their relationship grow and change in the best way. I LOVE LOVE!

I got to be a bridesmaid for the very first time. In fact I was Maid of Honour, and an honour it was. The bride looked beautiful AND she was nice enough to dress me in a stunning floor length Dessy gown. The colour was sage or kiwi…I forget which. She had a nightmare with the bridesmaid dresses…I’m so grateful that she stuck with it and didn’t dress me in a sack.


Not once but twice!

When it rains, it pours! Having waited 28 years to be a bridesmaid, I was fortunate enough to do it twice this year. On a beautiful, bright day in October, my family and DP’s family were once again joined together by a marriage…this time, of my brother and DP’s sister. Having stayed with them in their beautiful new home this week, I am more certain than ever that they are the perfect match!

Three of my sister-in-law’s six bridesmaids



This time last year I had just accepted, but not started, a new job. We were also praying for a new job for Danny. We both started new jobs in the new year and we faced a number of challenges…but we are both happy and grateful for what we have. I really enjoy my job and I genuinely love the people I work with. No job is without complication, frustration and difficulty of course…so as much as I like to work…I love the holidays!!!!

New York

This was such a fantastic trip! So much fun. If you didn’t see my NYC posts you can check them out in the November archive.

And another wedding

This year, we got to spend more time with the beautiful, fun and smart new bride of Dan’s cousin. She spent the summer in London so us girls got to bond over pedicures and then we all went out for dinner and dancing…and more dinners. It’s great getting to meet and bond with the newest members of the ever-expanding family. I have to say, these boys have incredible taste in women which is great for me as I get to meet and befriend such great girls. Yay!

Dancing with Dan, Sam and Sarah


We also got to attend their stunning wedding during our trip to Michigan. Here’s a little snap of me and Danny at the ceremony.


Run, run, run

Getting back into running has been a real highlight for me. I’m sure it must be one for DP too and it prevents me from getting bored and shopping for designer shoes. You know you love running when your new pair of Asics get more love than your Jimmy’s!!! My half marathon PB made me soooo happy. I’m looking forward to many more running highlights in 2013!

The more I look back and remember large events and fleeting moments from our busy year, the more I realise that I have so many happy memories and so much to thank God for. This list is just a tiny snapshot, there is far too much to share on here.

I’m now letting my nail varnish dry and preparing the dining table for tonight’s murder mystery New Year’s Eve party. I hope you all have a great night whatever you have planned. See you in 2013!



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