Christmas Week

For the last week I have been totally absorbed in family, friends and Christmas. Whilst running featured throughout the week, blogging got squeezed out to make room for the turkey and champagne! It has been lovely seeing family, catching up on life stuff, playing board games together and laughing until late at night.

Danny and I by the tree at our friends’ on Christmas Day. Cracker hats are always compulsory!!


The hubs and I decided to ditch the tradition this year and spend Christmas with friends in London instead of family. It was a fun day and made a nice change to the normal family Christmas. However, we really got to enjoy the best of both worlds as we headed to my parents on a Boxing Day and DP's parents on the 27th. Both days were great fun and really relaxed.

With my family on Boxing Day


We stayed with our newly married siblings in their swanky city centre apartment, which gave me the opportunity to enjoy a run along the River Cam in the rain. My schedule called for 4 miles easy, but it’s hard to keep things slow when you resemble a drowned rat and desperately want to make it back to a warm, dry home.

Thursday’s Training: 4.51 miles @ 9:45 pace
Splits 9:35; 10:01; 9:47; 9:46; 4:50

I managed to stick to my running plans for Monday and Thursday, but the rest of the week has not gone as smoothly. We didn’t make it back to London until later than expected yesterday and we had dinner plans in the evening so I had to skip my run. I managed a half session (does that count??) on the treadmill today:

Saturday’s Training: 2.5 miles @ 9:49 pace

I always knew this week was going to be less than perfect due to all the distractions that Christmas has to offer, so I’m not too bothered about my training.


Actually, it was a combination of Danny and other generous gift givers!

I was THRILLED to open these babies on Christmas Day!!!!


Hello Asics Gel Nimbus 14s!!!

I bought these a few weeks before Christmas and gave them to hubs to give to me. Some may think this is sad but I’m picky about my running shoes and wanted to make sure they fitted properly. I’m currently running in the 13s and I’m really enjoying them, having moved over from my previous Mizuno Waveriders. I suit the more cushioned Asics and find I’m not getting blisters and sore toes, both of which I really used to suffer with in the Mizunos. I’ve put around 350 miles on my 13s and would like to transition into the 14s in the next few months.

Also…I got these for a BARGAIN £30 from Sweatshop!!! When I bought my 13s at full price they gave me a voucher for any second pair for £25. Any pair!!!! The only conditions were that the second pair had to be for me and I only had 8 months in which to purchase them. If the second pair cost more than the first, I had to pay the difference (hence £30 instead of £25). As the 14s currently retail in Sweatshop at £130, this was a huge saving! I hope these gorgeous shoes will see me through the marathon.

We did a secret santa with Dan’s siblings and cousins this year which I thought was a great idea. My SS made me very happy with this long sleeved Nike running top:


It kept me warm during the soggy river run. I was very grateful for its quick wicking properties!

Even little Bella had fun unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning:



I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the new year. I’m hosting a murder mystery dinner party on NYE and should really crack on with the planning! I’ll be back tomorrow with a long-run recap and Sunday Stats.



4 thoughts on “Christmas Week

  1. oooh I got new shooooes too a few days ago!
    I’ve been wearing Asics for so long, ENJOY! I’ve loved them. My new ones are Nike!

    Glad to see you’re still keeping up with training. I’ve fallen off on the running lately. 😦

    1. Excited about your new nikes! I’ve been keeping up with your blog but can’t comment on Blogger from the ipad (no idea it still doesn’t work!!) so haven’t been able to send you any words of encouragement. It’s nearly a new year so you can get back to your fitness soon!!! 🙂

  2. pickyrunner

    T looks like you had a greatchristmas! It doesn’t get much better than sneakers and nike running tops 🙂
    I want to be real life friends so I can go to a murder mystery party! That sounds so fun!!!

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