The Marathon Adventure Begins

Christmas Eve is upon us! When I was a child it always felt like this day took so long to arrive. Now that I’m a ‘grown up’ it seems to come around so quickly, I don’t know where October and November went. Anyone know??!?

Christmas Eve means a number of things for me this year:

1. A(nother) lazy sofa day with Danny. And Bella who is snoozing under the tree.


2. Drinks with friends at our ‘local’.

3. Midnight Mass with carols and communion at church.

And…at long last:


Who starts marathon training at Christmas?? Um…well, that would be me!

The Marathon Schedule

I’m running the Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 21st April 2013. This will be my second marathon, having completed the same race back in 2011. I won’t lie – the first time was tough and I uttered those two words many times during the race…Never.Again. But then I got a ballot place, so now I’m in, I’m up for it, and I’m determined to train hard and enjoy the day.

If you watch the London marathon on the TV each year you will notice that it’s full of C-list celebrities and charity runners. As a result of this, I think many people now assume that completing the marathon is not a significant achievement and in fact it can be done on little to no training. I remember meeting a guy on my way to the 2011 race and chatting to him whilst we waited for the tube. He asked if I trained. What!?! what kind of question is that?? of course I trained! The idea that some people attempt this distance without giving it the respect it deserves baffles me. It’s bound to result in injury and a miserable experience on the day…but still, some of those ‘runners’ probably beat my 5:05 time. I don’t mind…I worked hard and I did my best.

In 2011 I used the Runner’s World basic beginners schedule. This year I’ve gone for the basic intermediate schedule. I’m still very much a beginner but I wanted a more focused schedule with higher weekly mileage. Here is my schedule…it’s 16 weeks but I’m giving myself 17 because I wanted to build in a spare week in case I get sick / injured or just want a rest during my holiday in January. I’ll move that week around as and when required.




Marathon Training: Day 1

I’m switching things around this week, taking tomorrow and Boxing Day as my rest days. Today I did Tuesday’s workout – 4 miles steady with a few strides. I ran to and from the gym and did an additional half mile on the treadmill to get to 4 miles (miscalculation means I messed that goal, ha!) and then did some core work on the gym mats.

Run to gym: 1.72 miles @ 9:14 pace

Run on treadmill: 0.5 miles @ 8:38 pace

Run home: 1.73 miles @ 9:40 pace

Total: 3.95m @ 9:16 pace

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!! Thanks for stopping by…I always appreciate your comments and your views. I’ll be back with more marathon training and pointless chit chat / shoe love after the big day.



5 thoughts on “The Marathon Adventure Begins

  1. Sarah @pickyrunner

    I KNOW your marathon training is going to go well. You’ll have my support 🙂
    Have a wonderful day today and enjoy midnight mass (I’m secretly praying we stick to the usual 6pm in my family, but midnight would be pretty cool too) ❤

  2. MEEEERRRRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours! I’m so glad to have “met” you!
    I am SO SO SO excited to see how marathon training goes, and the eventual marathon. So glad to be following you through this!

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