Sunday Stats

I’m writing this whilst watching Songs of Praise on the BBC. I can’t say I’m the biggest SoP fan, but I can’t help myself at this time of year!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last weekend before Christmas. When the clock stuck 5pm on Friday I was giddy, knowing that I was free for what my husband later told me was 16 days! I packed up my laptop and set to work, making the house festive and inviting, ready for DP’s arrival home from work. I popped out to buy ingredients for a Thai green chicken curry along with some cheap red plonk to make the mulled wine. When I returned, I lit a beautiful bay candle and let the festive aroma fill the house as I made the mulled wine and admired the lights twinkling on the tree. I pulled an old Christmas Crooners CD off the shelf and enjoyed the soothing sounds of Frank Sinatra singing carols.


Ping. ping ping ping ping. What noise is this, interrupting my perfectly thought out Christmas atmosphere? Oh…it’s work. A sales person needs my urgent assistance (when isn’t it ‘urgent’?!) but has received my out of office. A flurry of emails then fly over to my boss help help urgent assistance required we can’t get hold of Jodie. It’s the holiday, I’ve officially left the building. I’m drinking mulled wine and singing along with Frank, but I cannot resist. I respond. I copy the world and his wife so they know not to panic and not to bother anyone else. Crisis averted, we find a resolution and go back to our Friday night plans.

Danny and I had a lovely evening. We watched a Christmas episode of Gavin & Stacey – forgot how funny that was! Plus we enjoyed wine, good food and each other’s company. That’s what I love most about this season, and this weekend has involved plenty of quality time together. We got up late this morning and enjoyed a cup of tea in these amazing mugs, which we got from my mother in law a few Christmases ago:


We then wrapped all the presents whilst watching The Proposal, before demolishing a huge pile of cheesy nachos, YUM!




In other exciting news, I received this through the post…hello Choo Mail!


Oh how I wish I could take up their very kind offer…but alas I shall be enjoying Christmas Day number 2 with my parents and 66.6 % of my siblings (one will be with his girlfriend’s family sadly so I will have to catch him another time 😦 ). I’m sure I can get away with a little Internet sale browsing whilst I’m there though! Jokes aside I really can’t wait to see my family and my inlaws.

Saturday’s Session: 8 miles @ 10:08 pace
Splits: 9:34, 10:16, 10:49, 10:16, 9:44, 10:04, 10:15, 10:03.

I can’t say I enjoyed the run. I found it really hard; every hill felt like a mountain and everything seemed to ache. My left hip was pulling and my right calf and ankle area was also bothering me.

On the subject of training, my stats from the week are below. It’s been a low mileage (and low effort!) week but I’m trying not to get too upset about it. I had a lot on with work and getting organised for Christmas, plus my marathon schedule starts tomorrow. No, I cannot believe it either. I’ll let you know how I get on!



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