Apocalypse Now???

In case you were wondering…YES I am still alive. I did not perish in the Mayan apocalypse, I’ve just been really busy finishing off at work and getting ready for the most wonderful time of the year! This is why I have been so quiet in blog-land, sorry.

I have failed to post updates on training this week so here is a quick snapshot of what I’ve been up to:

Monday: 3.5 miles @ 10:08 pace

Easy post-work run outside. Splits: 9:46; 9:59; 10:25; 5:18

Tuesday and Wednesday…I cannot remember what I was doing but according to my trusty training app, it did not involve running.

Thursday: 3 miles @ 9:57 pace

Post-work treadmill session

Today: I’d like to pop to the local gym for a speed session before DP gets home from work tonight but there are so many other things that I would love to do! Perhaps if I complete the speed sesh I will treat myself to an evening that looks like this:

– Home made mulled wine

– Puff pastry mince pies

– Nice smelly candles

– Home Alone. Or The Proposal. Or both. Maybe have Miracle on 34th St on in the background whilst cooking…

I listened to Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD this morning in the car on the way to work. Love singing along to carols (although hers are so high I was really struggling)!!

I’m afraid that is all from me for now..but I’ll be back soon, hopefully with some Christmassy pictures and festive cheer! I cannot wait to post a picture of my Christmas present…I know what it is (because I bought it, how sad) and it is REALLY EXCITING for a geek like me! But much more exciting...is the prospect of spending this Christmas period with my amazing husband, our fabulous friends and our loving families. CHEESE but so so true. I’m so grateful to God for all the people I love and the fact that we get to take a couple of weeks out to remember and celebrate what He did for us by sending us his Son. YAY!!!



2 thoughts on “Apocalypse Now???

  1. OOOOOOO I wanna see your present!! πŸ˜€

    Okay, I vote for all 3 movies! I haven’t seen The Proposal. 😦 Is that the one with Sandra Bullock and Beautiful Ryan Reynolds?? (yeah, his first name is Beautiful to me. haahah)
    I did see Miracle on 34th with my mom two nights ago!

    Have a WONDEEERFUL weekend!!

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