Paper Hats and Chatter

What a naughty blogger I am. Apologies for the lack of communication; this week has been so busy both in terms of work and play. I feel like I have a lot to get through before I finish work for Christmas next Friday!

Tuesday’s Workout: 2.9 miles @ 8:52 pace

I contemplated doing the 7.5 mile run to the train on Tuesday morning, but it was tooooo cold so I opted to run for a short run between the London Underground and my overground train to work. I love running through London at dawn, spending time thinking about the day ahead and the challenges that I will no doubt face. It’s great for helping me to focus and get some perspective before I reach my desk and start the day.

Wednesday’s Workout: I worked my stomach by stuffing it full of traditional Christmas goodies. Oh yes!

We had our work Christmas lunch and I forgot to take a picture but it included all the traditional food: turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing, sprouts, roast potatoes, parsnip and carrots. As if this wasn’t enough for a Wednesday lunchtime, I tucked into a Christmas pud with brandy sauce. Delicious but ridiculous. I consumed my own body weight in food and then had to go back to work 😦

One of our US colleagues joined us and he seemed perplexed by the cracker-hat wearing antics. In my family, we would pull our crackers at the start of the meal and put on our paper party hat, read the joke from the cracker, and complain about the crappy toy enjoy the lovely gift inside! Apparently, this doesn’t happen across the pond?! Well…if you want to look like this, then get yourself a box of Christmas crackers and eat a lot of turkey:


Thursday’s Workout: TBC, but I’m planning 3.5 miles hard, followed by some core / strength work if I have anything left.

Random Outfit Chit-Chat

What does a blogger do when they have failed to take interesting and relevant pictures? Um…post pointless self portraits of course.


Blazer – River Island (new), top – River Island, Jeans – Diesel, Shoes – Christian Louboutin, hair – my homegrown mess 😉 Shame it’s so blurry. Standard.

It’s my work Christmas party on Friday and I’m wondering what on earth to wear. I think it’s going to be a classic LBD…I have two and have borrowed a third so it’s a case of working out which one fits best at the moment and then accessorising accordingly. I’m not a fan of buying new dresses for work events. Weddings, yes, work, no chance. As it is currently SO COLD I want to wear a ski-suit or head-to-toe faux fur but I’ve been advised that such outfits are not black-tie appropriate. Poop.

Right…break over and back to work. I’ve been up since 4 am and working since 5 am…I may just treat myself to a little caffeine fix first!



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