Unplanned Weekend LOVE!

I’m writing this whilst watching the UK Snooker Championships with DP in our cozy living room. I love it when we don’t have much planned on a weekend and can just ‘be’. Invariably, we end up finding lots of ways to entertain ourselves, but I love the lack of pressure on weekends like this, especially with the busy Christmas period fast approaching.

We had no plans…but to our delight, it ended up being an action packed weekend:


I roped hubs into meeting friends in our local pub…”just for one“. One became two…became three…followed by an impromptu Thai dinner with great company.

In addition to the great company provided by my girl friend and her other half, we were in the company of reindeer!


I couldn’t resist posing for a picture:



I started the day with a delicious banana, kiwi, raspberry and rice milk smoothie followed by a cheeky pain au chocolat.


Dan had a meeting with a friend so I decided to brave the cold and run to a colleague’s house to have a catch up. We live less than four miles away from each other, which in the London suburbs is pretty good, so I figured it was about time I paid her a visit! Let’s hope she didn’t mind me parking my sweaty butt on her lovely leather sofa. At least leather is easy to clean!?! (Yuk..I know…sorry).

I enjoyed a few cups of tea and a good chat before, much to my surprise, her husband emerges from the kitchen with homemade Chinese food for lunch. Dilemma: be polite vs not vomiting on the run home…what to do? I was polite….and I’m glad I was…it was delicious! It wasn’t cooked in oil, just soy, so it was pretty light, thank goodness.

Workout: 7.36 miles @ no-idea-what-pace (failed to charge the Garmin…when will I learn???)

Saturday afternoon and evening involved quality couple time, Christmas shopping and Forrest Gump. I cried like a baby. Inevitable.


I’m now winding down from a lovely day spent with family. We had no plans, but we decided that it would be nice to drive to Cambridge and surprise my father-in-law with a birthday visit. Apparently he has discovered my blog so I just want to mention how he doesn’t look a day over 30 😉

We enjoyed a relaxed brunch with close family and good conversation. You can’t beat family, friends and food can you!? Dan and I are blessed with two wonderful families….it’s not lost on me that it is rare to both come from stable loving homes. The fact that both families live so near to each other and genuinely get on well together is amazing and I’m so thankful to God for this rare situation. Obviously having close, large families brings its own drama and challenges…but I love them and wouldn’t change it!

Entirely separate note…love my new skirt and wore it to brunch. It’s from American Eagle in the US (we don’t have it in the UK). Forgot to take a proper picture, but here is the fabric:


Must try not to drop this on my skirt. Delicious!!! And SOOO festive


Someone needs a manicure!



2 thoughts on “Unplanned Weekend LOVE!

  1. Sarah @ pickyrunner

    I went to a reindeer farm with my babysitter and I remember being so terrified, haha. I love the fabric on the skirt! I’m glad you get to spend time with lots of family this holiday season 🙂

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