Mmmm Banana Pancakes!

Today’s Workout: Nothing yet..but it should be 3 miles HARD with tomorrow as a rest day. I may switch them around depending on how I’m feeling later. I’m so tired and the ground is frozen outside so it’s between the treadmill and getting back in bed.

Moving on…what is easier to make than pancakes? Um…the 2-ingredient pancake of course! If you read healthy living blogs you will probably have heard all about these, and you’ve probably tried them.

But just in case you haven’t….

I made these today for the FIRST TIME EVER (lots of firsts for me this week!)

Mash 1 banana. Add an egg or two (I used two) and beat with a fork. Add a sprinkling of nutmeg and fry in 1-Cal spray oil on a low heat.


EASY and most importantly, yummy and nutritious – packed full of protein and happy carbs. They passed the health-food-hating-husband test too. Massive bonus.

Wednesday’s Workout

As I mentioned yesterday, my training plan said NO to running and YES to strength and core training. I didn’t make it to the gym so decided to try a Blogilates workout instead. This is another thing that I’ve heard a lot about in the blogosphere but never actually tried until now.

I opted for the Total Body Bangin’ Workout. It lasted around 25 minutes and it was pretty tough for me but I enjoyed it. Casey is completely nuts and I have no idea how she does it all with a smile on her face. I wonder if she is like that in real life???


Really excited to be sharing this evening with four very lovely friends and my husband. I went to my girlfriend’s earlier in the week and she fed me this AMAZING Christmas cake cupcake.


If I’m really lucky, she may have another one for me tonight :). I know this is controversial but I DO NOT LOVE CUPCAKES. I actually turned the cupcake down at first…but then she explained that it was Christmas fruit cake on the inside, not nasty regular cake, and I nearly died of happiness. Must get the recipe!



4 thoughts on “Mmmm Banana Pancakes!

  1. Sarah @ pickyrunner

    I would rather have a giant piece of cake, but cupcakes are good too! I’m not sure how I’d feel about fruit cake, though.
    Do those banana pancakes actually taste like a pancake? I’ve never had them (nor am I a big fan of the taste of eggs or bananas…)

    1. Mmm well, to be honest it tastes a little bit like egg, a little like banana and a little like pancake. I like all three so that’s ok but maybe it’s not for you! Unless you cover it with something amazing like hot chocolate sauce ;)…I’m totally trying that!!

  2. I LOVE cupcakes!! And the design of that one is soooooooo cute(I have an obsession with their designs).

    Hope you have a good run today! i’m feeling very lazy, but catching up and reading blogs now have got me a bit more motivated 😀

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