Try Something New!

I tried something new today! Let me set the scene…

{WARNING! Minor London traffic rant} My journey to and from work is unpredictable and can be miserable because the journey involves driving on one of two notoriously busy and accident-prone roads. Occasionally I go by tube&train, but this generally takes longer and less flexible so I prefer to drive.

In just under 3 weeks time I’m starting my marathon training plan. As I explained over here, marathon training can be very time consuming. I want to make sure that DP is not negatively affected by my training so I’m looking for ways in which to limit the impact it has on our time together.

One way of reducing the impact marathon training has on an already busy schedule is to run as transport. Ok…even with the horrendous London traffic, my running pace is still slower than driving or getting the train…but the difference is not as big as you’d imagine…and it means I don’t need to go to the gym or run later in the day. I LOVE killing two birds with one RUNNING SHAPED STONE.

So this is what I tried today…running to work! I can’t run all the way due to my current mileage base and the fact that all direct routes involve large roads that are not suitable for pedestrians, but I ran into the city and caught a quick train to work from there.

Workout: 7.72 miles at 9:50 pace.

Splits: 9:49; 9:37; 9:55; 10:10; 9:28; 9:50; 9:40; 7:25

I was planning on running at 10  minute mile place, so I was very pleased with my average and the splits. I found it mentally tough though – I didn’t know the route past the first 3 miles and kept having to FORCE myself to run just one more mile or to the next tube. At one point I was convinced that I’d need to call a cab / jump on a bus / get on a tube…but as I watched the sunrise and got closer to the train station I stopped fighting it and started to enjoy it.

And then…I tried another new thing!

{Me on the train in my running tights…trying not to freeze!}chocmilk

I tried a chocolate milk recovery drink from For Goodness Shakes. I have never tried any kind of recovery drink but I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of doing so…and who doesn’t love chocolate milk? Plus I was HUNGRY when I got to the station but didn’t feel capable of eating solid food, so this was perfect. I have no idea how the nutritional content compares to other products, perhaps I will investigate further at some point…

Does anyone else use recovery shakes / protein type things after a workout?? What ‘new thing’ are you going to try this week?

Lunch over…(delicious prawn salad on brown baguette – yum!) back to work 🙂




6 thoughts on “Try Something New!

  1. I love chocolate milk after a run. I run super early in the morning but don’t have enough time to actually eat breakfast before heading to work. The chocolate milk, lately it has been chocolate protein powder, offers me enough rehydration and puts a little something in my stomach before I can eat an actual meal.

  2. Kal

    Hey Jodie – love that “run as transport”! That was great – bet you felt amazing after. I have been looking into that milk/chocolate drink thing as well after being informed of this by a journalist/sports presenter at the Running Show last week – it’s interesting stuff:

    “Forget about those fancy sports recovery drinks. Two recent studies show that the ideal post-run beverage may be one that you’ve enjoyed since you were a kid. The first study found that runners who drank fat-free chocolate milk during the three hours after a run had heightened markers of muscle protein repair compared to those who drank a carbohydrate drink.

    The second study showed that chocolate milk also contributes to replenishing glycogen stores in muscles, a source of fuel during prolonged exercise. Muscle glycogen levels in runners were tested 30 minutes and 60 minutes following ingestion of either the fat-free chocolate milk or a carbohydrate beverage. Muscle glycogen content was greater for the chocolate milk drinkers at both measurement times.

    Chocolate milk has a lot of other benefits: It can be relatively inexpensive compared to recovery sports drinks, it’s easy to make at home or find at a convenience store after a run, and I think most people would agree that it tastes great”

    Think it’s time we stocked up – especially you with your marathon training coming up 🙂

    1. Wow, thanks Kal….very informative!!! I think I’ll just get some Nesquik 😉
      As for the run, it was definitely a positive way to start the day…but because I didn’t stretch properly I got very stiff sitting at my desk all day…must remember that for next time

  3. Sarah @ pickyrunner

    I’ve never tried protein drinks. I actually don’t believe in them. My doctor told me I’d be better off drinking milkshakes than those because they can overload your kidneys. But I drink chocolate milk EVERY day! It’s so delicious… and healthy 🙂

  4. oooh I’ve tried chocolate milk recovery because it was given out free after races..but I don’t regularly use it.

    GREAT run!! What a great idea to run some of the route to work..get your high, and then get ready for the day at work 😀

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