A Death, A Pregnancy And A Run

Hey hey hey!

I’ll start with the tragic news…

A Death

Ok, not that tragic, but I think it’s finally time to say goodbye to my first ever non-shoe kit purchase. I wore my black and turquoise Nike capris for the last time tonight. The waistband broke around a year ago so I replaced them but I’ve also been holding on them for ages JUST IN CASE. I’m totally behind on the laundry from holiday so tonight was one of those just in case nights.


A Run

Workout: 3 @ 10:45 pace. Splits of 11:03; 10:30; 10:39.

The plan was 3 slow miles…so I went out in the dark after work (no treadmills yaaaaaay) and just went for a VERY enjoyable run. It was good to clear my head and enjoy the fresh air. The only negative was the fact that my capris were falling down all the way round. I’m fed up of holding them up…they are getting binned this evening!

A Pregnancy

Now for the VERY happy news: the Duke and Dutchess of my hometown, Cambridge, are having a royal baby!

Me at their wedding, kind of:


Shoe Love

Not sure that I’ve done enough show blogging lately?!?

I woke up in a horrible mood, feeling negative about the day and some of the potentially difficult meetings that I had lined up. DP told me to sort my attitude out…harsh, but totally fair and needed. I love that about him…he knows me and knows when I need the brutal honest truth and when I just need a cuddle. Today was a truth day. I took his advice and had a pray and a think in the car on the way to work. It ended up being a great day.

I also did what I LOVE TO do when I feel a bit poop and that is…put on fabulous shoes! I thought these were safely boxed away until the spring (nude snakeskin does not mix well with rain and mud…obviously) but I knew they would work very well with today’s outfit.

So preeeeeety and versatile. Please excuse the screen shot from the Choo website I forgot to take snaps tonight.


And Finally

Better get a tree pic up before Bella destroys it like she did last year (all my favourite and sentimental tree decorations have been smashed). It’s minimal but I love it!


Have a lovely evening!



3 thoughts on “A Death, A Pregnancy And A Run

  1. You have no idea how much I love Nude heels – every girl needs a pair!

    I think Kate and Will are such a beautiful couple. So happy for them!
    It is definitely tragic to say goodbye to a pair of nice capris..I’ve only ever found 2 that I like the fit of, so when I lose those, it’ll be a sad day!!

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