Feeling Festive

Happy Sunday everyone! Just got back from church…I was so pleased to see the Christmas tree outside:


I am feeling so festive now that it’s officially December…whooo hoooo! Mariah Carey’s Christmas album is going to be playing in our household for the next 4 weeks…hope the neighbours don’t mind 🙂

Saturday Workout:

Yesterday morning I braved the cold and went out for a 5 miler. It was freezing, quite literally, which meant I could wear my new Gap hoodie again, yay! I found it really hard to breathe, partly due to my lack of running in November and partly due to the cold. My eyes were involuntarily streaming…I was concerned that my eyeballs were going to freeze (drama queen). I stopped a couple of times during my run and really struggled on the uphill and off-road sections – this shows in my split times.

Total: 4.8 miles @ 10:08

Splits: 9:49; 9:44; 10:30; 10:46; 7:50.

The rest of my weekend was lovely and involved:

  • Hanging out with DP – LOVE HIM. We went to the pub yesterday afternoon to watch England vs All Blacks. As a kiwi, I obviously support NZ and Dan is a dedicated England fan. England beat us for the first time in 9 years. Sad face, but at least the hubby is happy. He also just acted as my guinea pig for a pea, leek and watercress soup recipe that I wanted to try. I don’t think he was that impressed, but that’s because he would prefer to eat KFC. I enjoyed it:


  • SHOPPING! As if I didn’t do enough in NYC! I’ve been wanting a black blazer and some new vest tops for quite a while but I couldn’t find any that I liked in New York. Managed to tick both items off my list yesterday. I also went to get my Christmas present…I’m giving it to DP so that he can wrap it up and give it to me from him. I know that sounds a bit sad but it is a purchase that I had to be involved in and I’m VERY excited about. All will be revealed in just over 3 weeks.
  • Post-shopping Costa visit. As I was feeling festive, I opted for a hazelnut latte with a mince tart..A-MA-ZING. They were playing Destiny’s Child Christmas tunes…too good!


  • Sharing white and pink bubbles with my fabulous college girlfriends. We had a great catch up last night – so much fun. Unfortunately I had a run-in (quite literally) with a very large plant pot that someone had rudely left outside their front door on a VERY dark street…so I now have a horrible graze on my left knee and it feels quite bruised (and this is my excuse for not running today). I’ll spare you a pic…you’re welcome.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and you feel refreshed and ready to go back to work (does anyone ever feel like that??). I know lots of people were racing today…I can’t wait to read all the race recaps which will be online shortly…I always find them so inspiring! If you were racing, I hope it went well.



2 thoughts on “Feeling Festive

  1. I love Destiny’s Child Christmas songs 😀

    Okay, I’ve been searching for a great cut black blazer for soooo long..and one that doesn’t cost an arm and leg. Unsuccessful still. 😦

    Girlfriend times are the best 🙂

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