I Fell Off The Wagon


I got up early this morning to avoid the traffic and headed to the gym for a little morning workout. I was feeling a tired from yesterday’s sesh and the muscles in my back and shoulders were sore..in a good way! With this in mind I kept things insanely easy and just had a 2.5K run @ 9:45 pace before heading to the mats to do some stretches. I have really neglected my legs lately so my hamstrings feel tight. I spent some time working on my flexibility before getting ready for work.

A Confession

I had nearly reached the end of the 3-day-minimum Pre-December Detox. I was not feeling great last night and was not thrilled about the prospect of cooking fish…so when my husband looked at me with that cheeky glint in his eye and suggested the P-word, Pizza, our weakness, I just couldn’t refuse. WEAK SO WEAK!

And to make matters worse, a friend suggested that we try Pizza Hut instead of our usual Dominos because they’d had a good experience recently. We should have known better but we went for it because the price was good. BIG MISTAKE! It was not the worst thing I have ever eaten, but it was not good. It had that weird Pizza Hut smell and it was thick and doughy, yuk, I’m such an Italian base girl. It also had super-cheesy bolognase and garlic bread as a side and a tub of Thornton’s chocolate ice cream (the best bit) and a large bottle of Pepsi. So there you go…I confess…not only did I break the detox, but I breached EVERY category except alcohol. Clearly alcohol is the best category so this is a tale of woe.

Wrong.. So very wrong
Wrong.. So very wrong

I started today positively with rice crispies, rice milk and decaf earl grey…but then it went horribly wrong again at lunch. Food is provided on the last day of the month, so today we had Singapore Noodles. I felt rude turning down the noodles and 7up…I’ve always liked the idea of eating food out of a box like they do on US TV shows. That never happens in the UK.

Not quite as wrong...but not ideal. I don't even like 7 up but I'm drinking it...
Not quite as wrong…but not ideal. I don’t even like 7 up but I’m drinking it…

The Positives…

I have a very healthy fish dinner planned for tonight so I am not going to spend time worrying about the detox. I had 2.5 successful days and I do feel as though it has done me some good. It has taught me that there are lots of food options that I am not aware of and have not explored. I would never have considered trying rice milk but it turns out I like it.

Also, I had always assumed that I NEED caffeine because I drink several cups of tea every day at work. Drinking decaf does not feel any different so I will happily continue with it. I think the exception to this will be for pre-long-run mornings. I HAVE to have caffeine before I leave the house otherwise I cannot go to the bathroom first. If you are a long-runner you know what I’m talking about! Getting caught out miles from home is really not an option 😉

Lunch over and back to work…It’s The Weekend! Hope you all have a great one. Let me know what you’re up to in the comments section :). I’m looking forward to a long-ish run and catching up with my girl friends over a bottle of wine. Yes, I’m totally partaking in the wine drinking. Also looking forward to quality time with hubby and kitty.



5 thoughts on “I Fell Off The Wagon

  1. Your weekend sounds like it’ll be a good one!
    I’m hoping to get a run in at some point today. Lots of walking this week, time to pick it back up!

    I confess that I actually like Pizza Hut…(*hides*). I haven’t had domino’s in a while , but I don’t remember not liking it , so it must be good!

  2. Oh wagon, schmagon…. Tis the season to indulge. Before you know it you’ll be back in full training mode and you can worry about your detox then. I guarantee you this won’t kill you and as you’re still moving and working out and running, I think you’ll be just fine! 😉 Happy Friday!

  3. Sarah @ pickyrunner

    It’s the holiday season… don’t feel guilty! Pizza is delicious… and not THATTTTT terrible for you (as long as you blot off the grease). Just try to eat balanced meals and you’ll be much happier that way 🙂

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