Pre-December Detox


I ran, hooray! My lovely friend emailed me earlier and pointed out how beautiful the weather was (cold and bright) and that I should RUN. She was right, so I did.

3.54 miles, 9:52 pace

After nearly a month of not training for anything I didn’t go crazy on the pace or distance, but it’s a start. I ran to the gym and back and endured enjoyed a Powerplate and abs session. Anyone else use Powerplate? I quite like the organised classes, but I decided to go solo today and did some leg and arm strength work on the plate.

The best thing about my run today? I got to wear my new Gap Body running hoodie!! I LOVE it. Really and truly.


I got it discounted in NYC and it is perfect. It’s got a very thin fleece lining which kept me warm but not hot (it was just above freezing outside), I wore the hood for the first mile or so and it stayed in place and was not annoying…this never happens?!!! It is also a great colour, the picture doesn’t really do it justice but I’d say it’s fluorescent coral which means I will definitely been seen at all times (good from a safety perspective, bad because I generally look hideous when running). It also has thumb holes and long sleeves, yay to keeping my hands warm! Oh and a good sized front pocket. All in all, a great buy, I’m so happy with it.



I won’t lie…I consumed a lot of food and alcohol this month. In the US, the portions are huge and everything is so much sweeter and saltier than it is at home. I’m sure there are plenty of healthy options, but I was in holiday mode and therefore I over-indulged. I definitely need to cleanse.

I’m currently on day 3 of a detox…I have NEVER detoxed before. I have calorie counted, but never banned myself from particular food groups. The banned groups are:

  • Meat
  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Added sugar (fruit / natural sugars are ok)
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine

I thought this would be really tough, but it’s been fine so far. I’ve switched to caffeine-free earl grey with rice milk….it’s surprisingly good!

Day1: Skipped breakfast, naughty. Lunch: Home-made carrot and ginger soup. For dinner: Superfood Noodles which consisted of thai rice noodles, salmon fillet, avocado, green beans, broccoli and home-made dressing.

Day 2: Breakfast: Rice Crispies with rice milk. Lunch, carrot and ginger soup, snacks – walnuts. Dinner: Seabass with sun-dried tomatoes and olives, with green salad and roast sweet potato.

Day 3: Kiwi, raspberry and banana smoothie for breakfast. Soup for lunch. Tonight I’m having seabass (again) with butternut squash and cauliflower stir fry for dinner. I’ll cook something else for DP…he hates fish and it would be cruel to put him through another night of it!

Oh and I forgot to mention a rogue bag of ready salted crisps…worryingly, they do not breach the plan. I’m such a crisp monster.



11 thoughts on “Pre-December Detox

  1. Sarah @ pickyrunner

    I’ve never done a detox, although after watching a movie in my class called Food Inc. I am seriously considering becoming a vegetarian.I think it will be hard but I’ve never done any crazy “diets” like that before!

  2. oooh I wouldn’t have never really thought to go to Gap for workout gear – nice!

    I go in and out of phases with breakfast. Sometimes i really can’t stomach food at all in the morning, and other times I go for streaks where I absolutely need to eat IMMEDIATELY upon waking up!

  3. Looking over your daily menus lets me know that I am lazy. I just keep things simple so I don’t have to cook. If only I could afford a private chef…

    I totally understand the detox though. I would never do a full fledged one, but I ate and drank way too much on vacation last week, so it has been intense training and eating right this week.

    1. Well I ended up not cooking last night and it was not a happy event…as you will see on my latest post! Oops….
      I’m with you on wanting a private chef, I always struggle to think of new ideas and end up eating the same thing over and over!

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