NYC Day 4

Today consisted almost entirely of shopping. DP and I have done nearly all our Christmas shopping, plus we spoilt ourselves with some lovely clothes which we will wrap up and give to each other next month…or so I thought but I’ve just spotted the boy wearing a new shirt so perhaps not 😉



Between DP and I plus A&B, we did some serious business with the Manhattan economy. The sales were completely insane. We were thrilled as we knew we were going to miss Black Friday and therefore we weren’t expecting to find so many bargains.



I wrapped up warm as it was another cold and bright day in New York…but with all the bag carrying and walking I felt a little too warm.

Coat: Zara
Dress: Primark Primarni
Leggings: Topshop
Boots: Dune
Bag: Michael Kors
Sunnies: YSL from TK Maxx
Scarf: a secret Santa pressie
Hat: Poundland <<< this was one of the throwaway numbers I picked up for races..but I can't let it go!!

On our way into town the others grabbed a slice of pizza. I resisted due to fear of not fitting into the dress at the wedding this weekend, but I saw this amazing chicken Caesar salad pizza and I thought it looked incredible. Maybe another day…


I’d better mention running seeing as this is meant to be a running blog…

Ok, I didn’t run today or yesterday but I’ve done A LOT of walking. NYC is a lot like Paris and London in that it makes sense to walk.

One of my favourite purchases today was some new running gear. I LOVE getting new gear. GAP was having a ridiculous sale so I snapped up a new running vest and a long sleeved hooded layer, one purple one pink. I cannot wait to try out the layer on my next cold run. I didn’t even realise GAP did running / fitness stuff?! Everything was around 40% off…perfect!

We finished Day 4 in a great little Italian that my husband found for us just off 5th Av, on 19th St. If you are ever visiting / staying around that area I highly recommend it. I think we all agreed that it was the best food we had all week and the service was fantastic. The only downside was that the restaurant was not busy but that may be because of the holiday and the fact we were eating fairly late – gone 9:30.

The place was called Bocca. We shared a meat and cheese selection to start and I followed this with a beautiful linguine dish made with clams, cherry tomatoes and chilli.


Better get some sleep…I am looking forward to celebrating my first thanksgiving tomorrow. So so much to be thankful for…



3 thoughts on “NYC Day 4

  1. oh my gosh, those shopping bags!! haha wow! I’m so glad you’ve found lots of sales!
    You look GREAT by the way!
    I’m loving all your pictures and adventures, making me sooo excited for my trip!

  2. Ali

    Oh yay – I was so excited to see that you’ve been blogging since being in NY! You have made me very excited for my trip and I look forward to exchanging stories once we’re both back. Enjoy the final leg of your journey x

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