NYC Day 2

Had a lovely day yesterday, lots of walking and shopping. my abs were killing me after the abs session that Abi put me through the day before!!!

We spent most of our day exploring Central Park. Meet Sylvia, our host for the afternoon:



After a quick 20 minute carriage ride around the bottom of the park we walked until we got to the Boathouse, where we stopped for a bottle of Chablis.



We walked a little further and stopped to watch the sunset over the reservoir before cutting across to 5th Av and walking back down Museum Mile.






After a lot of walking we were desperate to refuel. We tried to go to Serendipity for something sweet but it was packed so we went to Dylan’s instead. They had 241 on cocktails at their bar, which went perfectly with the chocolate fondue!



Finally…we thought it would be rude not to pop into Bloomingdales and do some more shopping before heading home. I managed to resist the beautiful designer shoes (many of which were on sale and ALL of which were an ten percent off in the Thanksgiving sale!!) but headed next door to Zara where I picked up a new red winter coat. The one I’ve been wearing is really tired as I’ve had it for at least three winters and it was stupidly cheap.

Better get myself ready for day 3…



One thought on “NYC Day 2

  1. pickyrunner

    I’ve always wanted to go to Dylan’s candy bar!! It’s on my bucket list, for sure. I hope it was absolutely delicious and amazing and met all your expectations (or mine ;)!!

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