Food, Glorious Food

Wednesday’s workout:

15 minute treadmill warmup including some speed. I hear that it’s all about running at 180 steps per minute. I naturally run at around 160, so I had fun towards the end of the warmup trying to ‘run proper’. It felt COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I can’t believe what a difference 20 steps a minute makes. It’s fairly easy to control on the treadmill but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it on the road. I also don’t know if it’s something that will benefit me, I need to do the research…but it certainly made running fast on the treadmill feel slightly easier / less like I was at risk of falling off!

I then did 2 x the following mini-circuits:

10 left leg lunges

10 right leg lunges

10 squats

10 ladies’ press-ups

Plank until I wanted to cry (so..around 15 seconds or something else lame…I didn’t count and I have no core strength)

10 crunches on the ball

20 crunches alternating legs

I’m so glad I went to the gym, because when I got to the office THIS HAPPENED:

Egg & Chorizo breakfast taco. Trying to convince myself that the yellow stuff pouring out of it is not fat/grease…

Sticking with the tex-mex theme, I had a burrito salad for lunch with white rice, chicken, pinto beans, salsa, guac and a little bit of cheese. As I’m in the US I figured it would be impolite not to buy a biscuit cookie! So I had that with more diet coke.

On Tuesday night a group of around 10 of us went out for some authentic Mexican cuisine. Margaritas were compulsory.

Please excuse the terrible photography. I’d like the blame the iPhone but it’s probably user error…

Best margarita ever. I only had one…it was very strong and more than enough for me.

We shared some tacos, guacamole and some cheese based starters…all of which were very good and nothing like the Mexican food at home. When we say tacos at home, we mean the hard shells. Over here you can have hard tacos but generally they are soft tortillas like small fajitas.

I had this for my main course…no idea what it was called but it was unlike anything I’ve had before. It was a pepper stuffed with beef and covered in sauce which I think was sherry-based, and then topped with pomegranate and coriander cilantro.

All in all…delicious!



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