Big Bang!

The hubs and I love Big Bang Theory…we’ve wasted enjoyed many evenings watching the DVD box sets, giggling at Sheldon’s outrageous behaviour and Leonard’s feeble attempts to seduce Penny. Now Penny is definitely my fave, so when I found out that The Cheesecake Factory where she works is a real place I was so excited.

A couple of the girls from work kindly took me there, so this is my little cheesecake adventure. By the way…for anyone that watches BBT but hasn’t been to the ‘Factory…it does not look like a sad little diner in real life, it’s actually really nice.






Passion fruit mojito
Mac n cheese balls
Cheese burger with avocado
White chocolate macadamia nut cheesecake

So good. Half the burger and 70% of the cheesecake are now in my minibar fridge. I love that you can take food home here, doggy bags rock! EDIT…cheesecake now in my stomach. All 1220 calories of it.

One last thing…the mini-circuit I did at the gym yesterday…Oh my goodness…I am in SO much pain today. Standing up / sitting down / stairs = serious challenge – who knew squats and lunges were so effective?!



8 thoughts on “Big Bang!

  1. Abi Burton

    Sorry to hear you’re in pain Jodes but seriously, if you want post-gym ache then lunges are the way to get them! I’m doing a couple of Davina work out videos a week, filled with squats and lunges, and so am basically just constantly limping 🙂

    Glad to also see you are drowning your sorrows in delicious cheesecake calories 🙂

  2. Kal

    Cheesecake – yummy! 1220 calories – that is horrendous 🙂 Just as well you have that gym in your hotel otherwise you’d be coming back looking like a pumpkin after all that food!

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