To Tri Or Not To Tri…?

…That is the question!

What it would look like…an artist’s impression:

Yes, I am wearing a tri-suit…I will explain further down the page…

One of my very besties is a triathlete. I’m sure she is too modest to call herself that, but she has successfully (and VERY impressively) competed in a number of triathlons so she is definitely a triathlete in my eyes. I love hearing all about her training and her races…she genuinely loves it and she works hard to push herself to improve. She does crazy brick training sessions which involve treadmill-bike-treadmill-bike, over and over again. I have seen her do it and it fills me with terror..and a little bit of excitement.

I have barely mastered running and I have a lot of training to do between now and London 2013, but I cannot help thinking about the next challenge. As a goal-driven person, the next challenge is always at the back of my mind. I try to shut it out but I keep thinking…’if she can do a triathlon’ or ‘if he can learn to swim properly’…then maybe I CAN TOO!

With this thought in my mind I popped onto the bike at my work gym. I managed ten minutes before dismounting. I hobbled around in pain for two days solid. Not sure if I had the seat at the wrong height or I just have a really boney butt but I was in SO MUCH PAIN. if I decide to get into cycling, proper shorts are the first thing on my list.

I have also tried to swim. I purchased a swimming cap, got myself a Speedo swim suit and made my way through the water. After one length of front crawl I remembered why I didn’t swim much…it’s really hard. My arms hurt. My back hurts…presumably because I have bad technique or zero core strength…or both. But I’ve been persevering and can manage half a mile now without drowning. I’m not sure this will translate well to the open water.

So anyway…I’m just toying with the idea at the moment. I may enter an indoor-tri next year so that I can try the tri without committing to buying a fancy road bike and wetsuit etc. It can be an expensive sport so I don’t want to jump straight in.

You may be wondering why I’m wearing such a fetching red tri-suit!!?

In the summer, DP and I went to a really fun Olympics opening ceremony party. Everyone came in fancy dress as some kind of athlete. Because I am such a geek I just love coordinating outfits. Danny is a hero and goes along with it. Clearly he has learnt to pick his battles.

Jack and Jill…at a ‘J’ themed bowling party
60s themed party

He still won’t eat brown bread but he will wear skin-tight lycra for me….HERO!

trying not to breathe. must hold in stomach. must not eat.

We dieted for 6 weeks held our stomachs in all night…those things are TIGHT! The medals are Cadbury’s chocolate medals because we are very special.

Oh and YES that is a bum bag ‘fanny pack’. We talked about fanny packs at work today.I had to educate the US team on NEVER saying the word fanny in the UK. It may be a polite word for bottom in America, the type of word your grandmother would use, but it DOES NOT translate well. Word of warning for y’all.

And in case you were wondering…no…I do not have an Olympic mascot tattoo on my arm. That was for one night only. Very classy I must say…



6 thoughts on “To Tri Or Not To Tri…?

  1. LOL – the fanny pack thing. I learned that the hard way over there.

    You look so good in that suit!! There’s not many people in the world that can pull it off!
    You know, I can’t swim..or bike(like, at all)..or else I’d probably be thinking about doing a tri too. I say, DO IT! What a great challenge!

  2. Amazing costumes! I actually just signed up for my first indoor tri (in 3.5 weeks…yikes!). I’m pretty terrified because I can’t really ride a bike or swim either. It should be interesting! Good luck if you decide to do it! I think indoor is a great way to start (at least I hope…)

  3. Abi Burton

    Yes Jodes you should do it!! And you’re very kind but I’m sure that if you approached triathlon training in the same way that you do running, we’ll be training buddies in no time… šŸ™‚

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