Greetings from Texas

Hi everyone!
It’s been a bit of a blog-free zone around here lately…I’ve been busy travelling and settling in to my new temporary home.

On Saturday morning I got a cab to Heathrow with my cousin-in-law who was also catching a flight to the US. I think this was probably my first trip from Terminal 3 and MY OH MY the shopping situation could have been dangerous. Seriously…Cartier, Bvlgari, Mulberry…and countless other luxury brands. I avoided them all and headed straight to the No1 Lounge. I’ve never been in an airport lounge before but as a lone traveller it seemed like a great idea. I think it costs around £30 to enter but I have a free pass (wahaay!) so hung out there to avoid spending an necessary amount of cash in the departure lounge. The lounge provided complimentary breakfast, teas and coffees. They had free wifi, a games room and a cinema plus excellent views of the runway. I opted for a croissant, a bowl of fresh fruit and a cup of earl grey before catching up on work emails and heading to the plane.

Just a little snapshot of the lounge. They also had huge comfy sofas and a dining area, plus a bar.

It was a Virgin flight to JFK…my first flight with Virgin. The entertainment and the food were both really good so I was pretty happy and relaxed by the time I landed at JFK. I may or may not have watched Step Up 4..yes, I should be embarrassed…no, I’m not, I have no shame, I enjoyed it.

I then had a 7 hour layover before my connecting flight. The JFK terminal was not very exciting but I found a restaurant and devoured a delicious steak appetizer washed down with a couple of glasses of pinot. I cannot wait to have more American food – so good!  Sitting at the bar alone turned out to be a good thing as all the other lone travellers were doing the same and were happy to chat. I met a lovely girl from Manhattan who had so many useful tips and recommendations to give me for my visit next week.

Interesting observations at JFK…

1. Women wear PONCHOS. Yes, those delightful knitted ponchos that were really fashionable in the UK circa 2002-2005 (forgive me, I do not remember the exact year but I did have one sometime around then!). I saw at least 3. I started to worry that they were making a comeback, but after a quick Google session it appears to be a phenomenon unique to this particular airport terminal. PHEW!

2. Women wear boots or running shoes. These were the only acceptable footwear choices at the airport. Just FYI for any non-British the UK, running shoes are for running only. Not walking. Not shopping. Not travelling. Just running.

3. Crisps only come in really large bags. This is dangerous, particularly for a crisp obsession girl like me. I managed to spend over $10 on ranch flavoured Pop Chips, a teeny weeny pack of Reeses mini cups and a bottle of water. Not cheap, not healthy, so yummy.

Anyway…after the next flight I landed safely in Texas. The warm breeze when I stepped out of the airport felt great. I love that just-arrived-on-holiday feeling. Only this isn’t a holiday and the temperature has now dropped by 10*c…

I spent Sunday in the gym and at the shopping mall before sitting by the pool with my book.

Hunger Games trilogy and sunshine 🙂

I tried my best to stay up late but sadly fell asleep 10 minutes into the latest episode of Homeland…who does that?!? Homeland is one of the best things ever…I thought it was the answer to jetlag but my body said NO! It also said…please wake up at 5am…so I did. And then I went to the hotel gym before getting ready for work.

Heading to the gym for a treadmill sesh. Asics, Nike Tempos and a Breast Cancer Care charity tee.
For the office – blue silk dress from Warehouse, black leggings and Carvella pumps.

After a successful day in the office I’m now trying my best to stay awake.

One FINAL pearl of wisdom from me for the day…:

If you ever have to do the long-distance thing, get matching Apple-devices and FaceTime. DP and I have managed about 4 FT sessions over the last two days and it has been SO fun. I gave him a virtual tour of my hotel and the office, and then we just hung out over the ‘tinternet, brilliant! Can’t wait for him to get his backside out here later in the week. We have found an AMAZING kitty and house sitter so we know that our cat and our flat will be looked after and we can  relax and enjoy the holiday, yippeeeeeee. Speaking of the little kitty we had a little FT session too, it was great. And on the topic of animals and holidays…the hotel I am staying in is dog friendly. And I mean VERY friendly…dogs keep waking me up in the night barking! Not cool…

Hope you all have a great week! Apologies in advance if my blog posts are a little irregular for a while…hoping to get back to regular updates once I’m back on British soil. Until then, I’ll check in when I can.



One thought on “Greetings from Texas

  1. Glad you got in safely!

    I love that blue dress!
    It’s so interesting now to see the difference you find since being in the States 😀 I definitely went through that phase when I first got to the U.K.

    and, oh my goodness, I was blown away by Heathrow. I mean, I could go there just to SHOP most days and just head home!

    Also, thank you for your input on my question today. I am very very interested to know if people tell their “real life-r’s”

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