Get up, WORK OUT!

I said this over and over in my head this morning as I lay in bed thinking about how nice it would be to sleep for a little longer. Sadly my body is saying NO to sleep and YES to getting up at 5am…gotta love the jetlag. The only reasonable thing to do was to chuck on my running stuff and head to the gym. So that I did!

Nike tempos, Nike Vest, Nike Dri-fit socks…maybe I need to try a new running brand!!?

The hotel gym is nice and spacious, so I put Usher’s Confessions album on (AMAZE) and warmed up on the tread for 1.5 miles. I then did something I have not done at all this year…I lifted some weights. Ok, so admittedly they were the lightest free weights that I could find, but I did it and it felt good. I’m so glad I got out of bed and started the day in a positive way.

I have been trying to make the most of the lovely Texan sunshine, so I put on the black suede snakeskin River Island shoes that I bought for the wedding I went to last month. It turns out it is colder in Texas today than it is in London, so that was a mistake. My toes and hands are FREEZING in the office.

More USA observations

1…everyone drinks coffee and coke and yet they all have perfectly white teeth. I’m a bit jel…and I’m also craving a proper cup of tea. They have earl grey (FAVE! LOVE!) in my office and the hotel but I like to drink it with a dash of skimmed or semi-skimmed milk and all they have here is half & half creamer. It’s like emptying a bucket of cream into your tea. I’m going with it anyway, but it’s not the same!

2…I’ve had a few salads so far. There is much more variety than you get at home; I am so impressed. Also, they put your dressing on the side (or at least ask you if you want it on the side) so you don’t end up consuming more calories with the salad than you would with a burger. WIN!

3…apparently if you order a coke in Texas, they will ask you which coke…not because they want to know whether you mean full fat / zero / diet…they use the word ‘coke’ to cover all fizzy drinks, so you could ask for a coke and then specify that you would like a Sprite / Fanta / Dr Pepper. This made me laugh A LOT. ‘Coke’ of every kind…including Powerade(!) is served free on tap here at the office. I’m ignoring the whole MUST STOP DRINKING DIET COKE thing until I get back to the UK.

The lovely legal team out here are taking me out for a real Tex-Mex dinner and cocktails tonight. I’m so excited about trying the real deal…I can’t imagine that I’m going to be able to eat my pathetic Old El Paso fajitas ever again!!



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