What to Wear for a Wedding?

I had to raid a friend’s wardrobe earlier in the week because I still haven’t decided what to wear to another big family wedding which is just a few weeks away. As I’m leaving the country soon and won’t return until after the wedding, I need to get organised!

My friend was a superstar and dressed me up like her own personal barbie doll. We narrowed it down to these options:

Grey peplum dress in the style of Victoria Beckham

Stripe wool bodycon dress from French Connection:

I think I’ll wear one to the rehearsal dinner and one to the wedding. Both require Spanx and two weeks of dieting. Not two weeks of traveling, holiday and stuffing my face unfortunately. Oh well. I figure this will keep me glued to the treadmill until such time as I can squeeze into them!

I usually always wear a hat or fascinator to a wedding, bit I’m going to pass on the head gear this time because (1) it is not easy to carry all that jazz on a plane, and (2) this is an American wedding and I hear they are slightly more casual than traditional English weddings??

I borrowed this cream fascinator for the royal wedding last year. My husband came as a policeman. Classy.


This hat has attended one too many family weddings so it’s currently in hibernation. Really pretty though, a good Marks&Sparks bargain!

Now this picture has given me lustful shoe thoughts! They look so pretty, why don’t I ever wear them?! Probably because they are extremely uncomfortable. But so pretty!

Another cream fascinator, this time for Ascot. Actually, this is more of a flowery thing on a slide, not sure that counts but you get the point.

One thing I have decided on is the shoes. My trusty Loubylous will be making an appearance. For anyone that cares, they are the high-gloss black decollette 100’s with the almond toe. They even sound sexy. The reason for my decision is threefold:

1. They look amazing with EVERYTHING.

2. I cannot resist a red sole.

3. They don’t hurt. Genuinely, they are comfortable! If I have to do any heavy duty dancing or walking I will lose all feeling in several toes and will suffer for 3-5 days, but who hasn’t suffered in the name of footwear?!

I have a genuine running-themed post planned for tomorrow. Really really! Promise!




4 thoughts on “What to Wear for a Wedding?

  1. I’m actually going to my first “black tie” wedding in a couple of weeks and I still don’t know what I’m wearing. Weddings here are usually more casual than not. I have never ever seen anyone wear a fascinator or a hat to a wedding (if I thought I could pull it off, I absolutely would!).

  2. Yes for shoes that don’t hurt!! so rare!
    I really love the peplum style, and that VB one is soooooooooo nice. That woulda been my pick!

    Your dress in that last picture is SO gorgeous!

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