Don’t Try This At Home Kids

I am the model of health, fitness and wellness this week. If you want to be just like me I recommend the following:

1. Get off the treadmill after 1.25k.

2. Eat kit Kat.

3. Eat Snickers.

4. Carb load even when not racing.

5. Order a dominos (bogof on Tuesdays….I’m eagerly awaiting the delivery as I type).

6. Drink some wine.

7. Eat a turkey and cranberry baguette with gravy.

I would prefer to remain in denial about the list above, but in the interests of transparency I thought I should ‘fess up. So there you have it, my week so far. On the plus side number 7 has put me in a festive mood. Soon I will be in the US of A and experiencing my first EVER thanksgiving. I cannot wait! Time to get packing…



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