Remember Remember…

…the fifth of November, gunpowder treason and plot

Yep, today is the lovely British tradition where we celebrate remember an infamous terrorist and his attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. All a bit odd, but I have so many fond memories of this night from my childhood. The local community would always gather at my primary school and watch the fireworks display before burning the Guy on the bonfire and eating sausages and candy floss.

We were lucky enough to have our own private fireworks display at work today but sadly I missed it because I was too busy doing my thang, boo!

I got to see some over the weekend at the family gathering in Cambridge on Saturday. We gathered in the garden after dinner and watched our mini display,




Worst fireworks picture EVER. Oh well…

We had a lovely weekend with family. I LOVE an excuse to get dressed up so I went with this outfit:


Note that my outfit seems to perfectly match our living room decor. Lime and purple = Favourite colour combo of the moment??! Not intentional.

Me and hubs ready to go partaaaaay.


Just remembered that I am meant to be blogging about running…so um…run today was AWFUL and the less said about it the better. Tomorrow is another day! Bring it on.



4 thoughts on “Remember Remember…

  1. Guy Fawkes night! It’s my BFF’s fave night of the year. I remember the first year I moved to Scotland , and all of a sudden fireworks started going off. I had NO idea what was going on because it was on such a random night. haha! Now, I know!

    You look absolutely stunning in that outfit. Seriously, soooo pretty!!

  2. recoveringsofaholic

    I have managed to miss all fireworks barring one that fell on my head… Oh, and also the ones that were going on to midnight last night – officially got 5th November grumps! Glad you’ve enjoyed it though missy 🙂

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