It’s The Weeeeeekend!

Happy Saturday!

Very glad that the weekend is here but it’s busy so I’ll keep this short(ish) and sweet. Lists help me to be concise so here I go:

1. Skyfall

I do not usually have strong opinions on films, particularly ‘boy films’ like James Bond. But seriously, go and see this. Daniel Craig is a great Bond, and the story is gripping from start to finish.

2. Training

Went for a run first thing this morning, my first non-treadmill sesh since the race.


I thought it was going to be cold so I took gloves and an extra layer. It was 7 degrees but apparently that is too warm and I was regretting my choice by the end of the first mile.


Tried to keep it nice and easy at 10:00 pace for 5 miles. My splits ended up at 10:00; 10:03; 10:11; 10:37; 9:45. Average pace of 10:08. My calves were screaming at me again, they are sill feeling the half marathon I’m sure. Once I clocked 5 miles on the Garmin I slowed to a walk and stretched the legs out over the last 400 meters. Glad I went out, but it did hurt.

3. Eating

Smoked salmon and scrambled egg muffin for breakfast. Earl grey tea. Yum.


4. Family

Heading home for an afternoon with my family followed by an evening with Dan’s family. We are very fortunate to have families that live just ten miles from each other. We are celebrating a birthday tonight so it’s time to get dressed up. Currently thinking about this outfit with black tights:



Actually there is no five, I just think that four points is a little short for a list.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



5 thoughts on “It’s The Weeeeeekend!

  1. SkyFall is not out until next Friday here, but I’ve got plans to see it opening night. I am sooooooooo glad you like it. I’m so looking forward to it.

    oh.em.gee. That dress!! GORGEOUS!!! Where, where, where is it from? Coast??
    Pleaseeee take pictures if you end up wearing it. With the purple heels too? I LOVE!!

    1. Yeah it was really good. I am a real girl about movies though so I found it a bit scary even though it is only a 12A!! 🙂

      Dress is from a random independent boutique round the corner from me in north London, glad you like it, I’ll take pics later!

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