I Fell Off The Wagon


I got up early this morning to avoid the traffic and headed to the gym for a little morning workout. I was feeling a tired from yesterday’s sesh and the muscles in my back and shoulders were sore..in a good way! With this in mind I kept things insanely easy and just had a 2.5K run @ 9:45 pace before heading to the mats to do some stretches. I have really neglected my legs lately so my hamstrings feel tight. I spent some time working on my flexibility before getting ready for work.

A Confession

I had nearly reached the end of the 3-day-minimum Pre-December Detox. I was not feeling great last night and was not thrilled about the prospect of cooking fish…so when my husband looked at me with that cheeky glint in his eye and suggested the P-word, Pizza, our weakness, I just couldn’t refuse. WEAK SO WEAK!

And to make matters worse, a friend suggested that we try Pizza Hut instead of our usual Dominos because they’d had a good experience recently. We should have known better but we went for it because the price was good. BIG MISTAKE! It was not the worst thing I have ever eaten, but it was not good. It had that weird Pizza Hut smell and it was thick and doughy, yuk, I’m such an Italian base girl. It also had super-cheesy bolognase and garlic bread as a side and a tub of Thornton’s chocolate ice cream (the best bit) and a large bottle of Pepsi. So there you go…I confess…not only did I break the detox, but I breached EVERY category except alcohol. Clearly alcohol is the best category so this is a tale of woe.

Wrong.. So very wrong
Wrong.. So very wrong

I started today positively with rice crispies, rice milk and decaf earl grey…but then it went horribly wrong again at lunch. Food is provided on the last day of the month, so today we had Singapore Noodles. I felt rude turning down the noodles and 7up…I’ve always liked the idea of eating food out of a box like they do on US TV shows. That never happens in the UK.

Not quite as wrong...but not ideal. I don't even like 7 up but I'm drinking it...
Not quite as wrong…but not ideal. I don’t even like 7 up but I’m drinking it…

The Positives…

I have a very healthy fish dinner planned for tonight so I am not going to spend time worrying about the detox. I had 2.5 successful days and I do feel as though it has done me some good. It has taught me that there are lots of food options that I am not aware of and have not explored. I would never have considered trying rice milk but it turns out I like it.

Also, I had always assumed that I NEED caffeine because I drink several cups of tea every day at work. Drinking decaf does not feel any different so I will happily continue with it. I think the exception to this will be for pre-long-run mornings. I HAVE to have caffeine before I leave the house otherwise I cannot go to the bathroom first. If you are a long-runner you know what I’m talking about! Getting caught out miles from home is really not an option 😉

Lunch over and back to work…It’s The Weekend! Hope you all have a great one. Let me know what you’re up to in the comments section :). I’m looking forward to a long-ish run and catching up with my girl friends over a bottle of wine. Yes, I’m totally partaking in the wine drinking. Also looking forward to quality time with hubby and kitty.



Pre-December Detox


I ran, hooray! My lovely friend emailed me earlier and pointed out how beautiful the weather was (cold and bright) and that I should RUN. She was right, so I did.

3.54 miles, 9:52 pace

After nearly a month of not training for anything I didn’t go crazy on the pace or distance, but it’s a start. I ran to the gym and back and endured enjoyed a Powerplate and abs session. Anyone else use Powerplate? I quite like the organised classes, but I decided to go solo today and did some leg and arm strength work on the plate.

The best thing about my run today? I got to wear my new Gap Body running hoodie!! I LOVE it. Really and truly.


I got it discounted in NYC and it is perfect. It’s got a very thin fleece lining which kept me warm but not hot (it was just above freezing outside), I wore the hood for the first mile or so and it stayed in place and was not annoying…this never happens?!!! It is also a great colour, the picture doesn’t really do it justice but I’d say it’s fluorescent coral which means I will definitely been seen at all times (good from a safety perspective, bad because I generally look hideous when running). It also has thumb holes and long sleeves, yay to keeping my hands warm! Oh and a good sized front pocket. All in all, a great buy, I’m so happy with it.



I won’t lie…I consumed a lot of food and alcohol this month. In the US, the portions are huge and everything is so much sweeter and saltier than it is at home. I’m sure there are plenty of healthy options, but I was in holiday mode and therefore I over-indulged. I definitely need to cleanse.

I’m currently on day 3 of a detox…I have NEVER detoxed before. I have calorie counted, but never banned myself from particular food groups. The banned groups are:

  • Meat
  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Added sugar (fruit / natural sugars are ok)
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine

I thought this would be really tough, but it’s been fine so far. I’ve switched to caffeine-free earl grey with rice milk….it’s surprisingly good!

Day1: Skipped breakfast, naughty. Lunch: Home-made carrot and ginger soup. For dinner: Superfood Noodles which consisted of thai rice noodles, salmon fillet, avocado, green beans, broccoli and home-made dressing.

Day 2: Breakfast: Rice Crispies with rice milk. Lunch, carrot and ginger soup, snacks – walnuts. Dinner: Seabass with sun-dried tomatoes and olives, with green salad and roast sweet potato.

Day 3: Kiwi, raspberry and banana smoothie for breakfast. Soup for lunch. Tonight I’m having seabass (again) with butternut squash and cauliflower stir fry for dinner. I’ll cook something else for DP…he hates fish and it would be cruel to put him through another night of it!

Oh and I forgot to mention a rogue bag of ready salted crisps…worryingly, they do not breach the plan. I’m such a crisp monster.


No Workout Wednesday

Admittedly not the most inspiring title, but I want to be honest!

Wednesday was my first day back in the office and I wanted to start the morning with a run. I got up early and headed to the gym but the traffic was terrible. By the time I made it across London I only had time to have a shower and get ready for work. Workout fail…grrrr. Of course, I could have redeemed myself in the evening but the jet lag means I have no energy and I keep falling asleep at stupidly-early-o’clock. excuses excuses, let’s make today a better workout day!

Clearly I wasn’t the only one having a lazy Wednesday:


I’ve been feeling pretty unmotivated this month…perhaps because I quickly realised my Pile On The Miles challenge would be pretty much impossible with all the travelling and therefore I’ve taken it a little too easy. I often struggle for motivation after a race and I find the best thing to do is to get another race in the diary. I keep thinking ‘ooohhh I have months to go before the marathon, I can take it easy’, but I’ve just counted and I have just 11 weeks of training left before the Brighton Half Marathon, so if I want that sub 2 hour half I need to get my backside in gear and work! Starting today! I will go for a run outside and I will go to the gym and I will report back. No excuses.

Ok enough of my ramblings, here are some pictures from the rehearsal dinner in Michigan on Friday night:


My beautiful cousins-in-law and mother in law. Love ’em! Oh and that’s me, dress from French Connection.



The bride looked stunning in this beautiful vintage dress


The bride and groom to be

The Wedding

This was a truly beautiful wedding…the bride has great taste and had gone for a vintage Parisian theme for the reception. My wedding theme was oh my goodness I have 4 months to organise a wedding…help!





The evening reception was so much fun…we were dancing until the lights came on…and when I say ‘dancing’….well, let’s hope no one videoed some of the crazy moves that we invented. My friend’s ‘interpretative’ dance to Katy Perry’s Firework was hysterical and inspired some equally unusual moves from me and others. I also enjoyed the Cupid Shuffle (which we had never heard before and thought was called the cubic or cuban shuffle, but youtube says no), gotta love a group dance at a wedding!

The bride and groom were so much fun and partied late into the night. There were lots of traditional dances, which you don’t get at UK weddings. Here, the only guaranteed dance is the bride and groom’s first dance, but in the US the groom dances with his mother and the bride with her father. They had all rehearsed there moves to mix it up and keep it fun. They also did this thing called a dollar dance where people had to pay each of the bride and groom for a dance and it was a competition to see who could make the most money. Fun!! I loved the combination of UK and US traditions throughout the day.

Time for work…I will report back on today’s workout! Have a great day


NYC Day 5…(a little late)

The end of our holiday has been so busy I haven’t been able to get online. I love to look back on holidays and remember all the fun that was had, so I hope that by getting some of the details down in my blog I will be less likely to forget. This WILL be a running blog again soon…

Our final day in NYC was THANKSGIVING, and what a stunning day it was. We were blessed with good weather all week and this day was absolutely perfect; crisp and sunny, barely a cloud in the sky.

We started the morning at a leisurely pace and headed into the city to see some of the Macy’s parade. We weren’t in a rush so didn’t expect to get a great spot, but we found a side street with a good view of the balloons as well as the bands. The atmosphere wasn’t quite what we had expected, but that may be because of where we were on the route.




After watching for a while we went on a mission to find a Starbucks…and then with coffees in hand we headed to Central Park where we spent a few hours walking, talking and enjoying the great weather and festive atmosphere.





Us girls convinced the boys to let us ice skate in the park, which was truly magical!! So much fun. I loved skating as a child and it was great to do it in such a famous spot on a special day with fantastic friends.



After skating up an appetite we headed to the Porterhouse restaurant in the Time Warner center where we had a dinner reservation. The food and company was great, we had a traditional dinner of turkey and all the trimmings; it was exactly how I expected thanksgiving dinner to be. I still can’t get over the portion sizes here though…even in the fancy restaurants. In the UK the rule seems to be the more you pay the less you get in terms of portion sizing (obviously not quality) so we all laughed when each person was served three different desserts. I guess the idea was that you get a taste of each traditional dessert – pumpkin pie, apple pie and chocolate pudding…but really each mini-portion would have been adequate on its own.





Yes, I am probably too old to watch Gossip Girl, but I just can’t help myself! Throughout the week the we dragged the boys to a number of GG locations and thanksgiving was no exception. We headed to The Empire for post-dinner drinks. We were planning on heading to the rooftop bar but it was closed for the day so we settled in at the lobby bar for a few GG-themed cocktails. I opted for the “S” a champagne cocktail with vodka and lemon. Yum!



We thought it would be rude not to pop into The Palace Hotel for a glass of wine or two after our Empire Visit, so we headed to the Gilt bar at Bart Bass’ hotel and the Van Der Woodsen’s residence! It was a stunning hotel, I would love to stay there but if the drink prices are anything to go by, I can’t afford to!





Next Stop…Michigan!

The morning after thanksgiving we got up early and headed to the airport for the final leg of our adventure…destination: Lansing, Michigan. I’ll have to blog about that later. For now, I’m getting organised for my return to work tomorrow. England may be wet and windy today, but there really is no place like home!


NYC Day 4

Today consisted almost entirely of shopping. DP and I have done nearly all our Christmas shopping, plus we spoilt ourselves with some lovely clothes which we will wrap up and give to each other next month…or so I thought but I’ve just spotted the boy wearing a new shirt so perhaps not 😉



Between DP and I plus A&B, we did some serious business with the Manhattan economy. The sales were completely insane. We were thrilled as we knew we were going to miss Black Friday and therefore we weren’t expecting to find so many bargains.



I wrapped up warm as it was another cold and bright day in New York…but with all the bag carrying and walking I felt a little too warm.

Coat: Zara
Dress: Primark Primarni
Leggings: Topshop
Boots: Dune
Bag: Michael Kors
Sunnies: YSL from TK Maxx
Scarf: a secret Santa pressie
Hat: Poundland <<< this was one of the throwaway numbers I picked up for races..but I can't let it go!!

On our way into town the others grabbed a slice of pizza. I resisted due to fear of not fitting into the dress at the wedding this weekend, but I saw this amazing chicken Caesar salad pizza and I thought it looked incredible. Maybe another day…


I’d better mention running seeing as this is meant to be a running blog…

Ok, I didn’t run today or yesterday but I’ve done A LOT of walking. NYC is a lot like Paris and London in that it makes sense to walk.

One of my favourite purchases today was some new running gear. I LOVE getting new gear. GAP was having a ridiculous sale so I snapped up a new running vest and a long sleeved hooded layer, one purple one pink. I cannot wait to try out the layer on my next cold run. I didn’t even realise GAP did running / fitness stuff?! Everything was around 40% off…perfect!

We finished Day 4 in a great little Italian that my husband found for us just off 5th Av, on 19th St. If you are ever visiting / staying around that area I highly recommend it. I think we all agreed that it was the best food we had all week and the service was fantastic. The only downside was that the restaurant was not busy but that may be because of the holiday and the fact we were eating fairly late – gone 9:30.

The place was called Bocca. We shared a meat and cheese selection to start and I followed this with a beautiful linguine dish made with clams, cherry tomatoes and chilli.


Better get some sleep…I am looking forward to celebrating my first thanksgiving tomorrow. So so much to be thankful for…


NYC Day 3

Explored the High Line:




Failed to look around Ground Zero (if you want to go to the memorial preview, you have to book tickets online, you can’t see anything without these tickets). Looking around the visitor centre and seeing pictures and videos of the day was still very interesting and obviously extremely sad.


After a tiring day involving a lot of walking we headed out for dinner in Greenwich Village. We had a reservation at an Italian but it looked really quiet compared to the bustling Thai next door so we opted for Thai instead. It was very good value with a fun, relaxed atmosphere.



After dinner we headed to the Blue Note jazz club, just round the corner in Greenwich Village. This was one of the highlights of the trip so far and I’ll try to do a separate post about this in future, but for now I’ll just say that it was an incredible evening and it is highly recommended. We had a table near the stage and enjoyed some champagne.





We then headed round the corner and found a random cozy bar that promised free live jazz until 4 am, so we grabbed a few cocktails and soaked up the atmosphere. This would have been the perfect end to a perfect evening…but the boys insisted on dragging us to McDonalds for a post-drink snack. Talk about lowering the tone!

Finally…new coat! I felt like Santa…if only I was wearing my new boots it would have completed the festive costume outfit.



NYC Day 2

Had a lovely day yesterday, lots of walking and shopping. my abs were killing me after the abs session that Abi put me through the day before!!!

We spent most of our day exploring Central Park. Meet Sylvia, our host for the afternoon:



After a quick 20 minute carriage ride around the bottom of the park we walked until we got to the Boathouse, where we stopped for a bottle of Chablis.



We walked a little further and stopped to watch the sunset over the reservoir before cutting across to 5th Av and walking back down Museum Mile.






After a lot of walking we were desperate to refuel. We tried to go to Serendipity for something sweet but it was packed so we went to Dylan’s instead. They had 241 on cocktails at their bar, which went perfectly with the chocolate fondue!



Finally…we thought it would be rude not to pop into Bloomingdales and do some more shopping before heading home. I managed to resist the beautiful designer shoes (many of which were on sale and ALL of which were an ten percent off in the Thanksgiving sale!!) but headed next door to Zara where I picked up a new red winter coat. The one I’ve been wearing is really tired as I’ve had it for at least three winters and it was stupidly cheap.

Better get myself ready for day 3…