It’s Been Emotional!

I have LOVED reading through all the race reports that have been posted over the last few days. It seems that this weekend was a popular one for racing both here in the UK and abroad. I’m glad so many people achieved their goals and enjoyed themselves along the way! πŸ™‚

So…I’m wondering if other people get really emotional around race day?? Is it just me?

The Emotional Rollercoaster…join me on the journey:

Day before race:

– Excited…and then:

– Anxious… that I will not sleep, will not wake, will not get to the start line, will not be able to use the bathroom, will not be able to run, will be too cold.

Race day:

– Excited again! Bounce out of bed ready to RACE.

– A little bit of nerves as I wait to cross the start line, but a little bit of adrenaline is a great thing!

– Determination as I run and run some more.

– Elation, relief and happiness as I cross the finish line.

Post race:

This is the weird bit….after having a feed and icing my knee, I had the overwhelming feeling of…nothing. Nothingness? Maybe it was because I didn’t refuel effectively after the race, or maybe it was the natural come down after an adrenaline high, but whatever it was, I felt a bit….flat.

By the time Monday morning came the post-race blues had disappeared. I have been feeling really pleased about the race and SO EXCITED about the next one in February. I need to wait for these little muscles to chill out and calm down before I pop those Asics back on though. I haven’t braved a pair of heels yet either, just sticking to my trusty Carvella flats for now:

Flats are my BEST post-race friends πŸ™‚

In addition to strutting my stuff in flats, other post-race activities have included:

– Sitting in the jacuzzi / hot tub at my gym for 20 minutes before work. My muscles are SO grateful!

– Eating lots of fresh fruit and veg.I made this simple but delicious beetroot, feta and olive salad for lunch, followed by a handful of Food Doctor granola…YUM

– Realising I’m still hungry and supplementing my healthy choices with wine and chocolate. I make no apologies for this…if there is ever a time to indulge in wine and chocolate, surely it’s post-race (after refueling and hydrating in a sensible fashion of course..) !!

On a completely separate and way more serious note…I have been keeping an eye on the news and can hardly believe what is happening over on the US East Coast right now. It’s such a startling reminder that whilst we try to control so many areas of our lives, there are some things that are far more powerful than we are. Praying for all the people affected by the storm.



4 thoughts on “It’s Been Emotional!

  1. It took me a week to get over post-marathon depression! But I agree…it felt like nothingness. Your shoes are so cute! The only flats I own are running shoes, but after my marathon I wished I had something nicer to wear around Chicago!

    Enjoy your wine and chocolate!

  2. I can completely relate to all those feelings!!
    It’s weird but I thought I was the only one dealing with the “nothingness” of the after-race stuff when the high wears off. I want that feeling to go and on and on!
    I also find that I’m not hungry the day of the race(like even when it’s finished) but I go CRAZY and eat everything in sight the day after.

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