A New Personal Best!!!

Hi there! Hope everyone is having a great weekend and has enjoyed their training / racing.

I am THRILLED to say that I have a new PB….I don’t know my official chip time yet, but my Garmin says 02:03:06 so I am over the moon πŸ™‚ !!!

I’ve just been for a HUGE Sunday roast of pork belly and I’m now icing my knee…with frozen coffee granules due to having nothing else in the freezer (slight error). About two hours after the race I started to get intense pain in my knee and also in my hip, so I’m nervous that I’ve aggravated my IT band…but I’m on too much of a high to care right now.


…and wear medal with pride πŸ™‚

Thanks for the supportive messages…full race recap to follow shortly!



3 thoughts on “A New Personal Best!!!

  1. Very, very, veeeeeeery nice!!
    Congrats on the PR πŸ˜€
    can’t wait to read the recap!!

    I hope the knee/hip is nothing serious though.

    Enjoy and brag to everyone you know please πŸ˜€

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