Bbrrrr, It’s Cold In Here…

…Seriously, it’s been SNOWING across the UK and we are not even in November…but I’ll come back to that.

I’ve loved the last twelve weeks of training, I can’t believe it will all be over tomorrow and I will be focusing my mind on the next challenge. A few sessions stick out in my mind:

– Ten miler in the Norfolk countryside during my sister-in-law’s hen do. Gentle rolling hills and great company. Scary dogs, crazy chickens, interesting conversation.

– Eleven miler by the river in Cambridge with a friend who always inspires me to run harder and faster.

– Local five miler where I couldn’t sort my head out and I stopped about three times to have a little scream at myself. Not cool. But I finished and my splits were great despite the drama.

The plan is to remember these positive runs tomorrow when I start to doubt myself. When I ran the marathon last year a couple of the ladies from church (who are incredible marathon runners) gave me some great Bible verses which they use as running mantras when the going gets tough so I’ll be reminding myself of those too.

The weather forecast for Sunday is COLD…like 4 degrees cold. I loved running in the cold last year but it’s been so long that I’m not really back in the zone yet. It’s meant to be wet too so I’m expecting to feel the cold, I’m just hoping the wind dies down before the race. Not sure I want to battle all three elements in one go!! To help me prepare I headed to Poundland (classy) to get some disposable cold weather gear. I picked up three hats, three pairs of gloves, a scarf and loads of heavy duty bin-liners a few of which I have cut head holes in to protect me and my friend from the rain at the start line. I spent a six whole pounds. Bargain!

Check out my throwaway winter-warmers:


I think this is meant to be some kind of bear…a panda?? Whatever it is I think it’s brilliant.


But my absolute FAVE is this…I think it’s so cute. It’s definitely not going in my disposable pile, I’m gonna rock this look all winter. Or at least until Danny says I’m an embarrassment and burns it:


After my little shopping trip and a lovely girlie carbo loading catch up at Pizza Express on the Southbank in London I got my bits together and pretended to be organised.


Race checklist:

Nike capris
Nike dri fit socks
Undies and Shockabsorber sports bra
Race top (Nike dri fit)
Long sleeved running top (was NOT planning on this but due to the weather, my Adidas top is along for the ride)
Nike headband (need this for the ear warming factor. Again, didn’t plan this)
Nathan shadow pak
Shot blocs
Bin liners and disposable bits
Warm clothes for post race journey home
ChampionChip timing chip. Not loving this as it needs lacing through your laces, lets hope they have dedicated staff to de-chip people after the race!
Water, post race treats…I’ll add some more to that in the morning.

I ALWAYS over pack for holidays…I suspect that I’ve done the same again here, but I’d prefer to have too much than not enough.

Finally…a thought for tomorrow: “We boast in the hope of the glory of God…we also glory in our suffering because we know that SUFFERING produces PERSEVERANCE, perseverance CHARACTER, and character HOPE.” Rom 5:2-5, or to put it simply…it’s going to HURT but I’ll be stronger and better for it. I am so grateful to God that I’m fit and healthy and able to run.




6 thoughts on “Bbrrrr, It’s Cold In Here…

  1. For some reason, I actually liked the chip being laced through your shoes. I always was paranoid that the bib would rip off randomly. haha!

    I love your asics!

    Best of luck! I honestly can’t wait to hear how it goes. No matter what, have FUN and know you’re doing something pretty amazing!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement TR ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll be sure to post an update tomorrow and a full race report as soon as I can too. I thought of you today when I discovered that one of my girl friends gets a 33% discount at Karen Millen, time for me to go dress shopping I think!!

      Hope you have a great weekend

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