Reluctant Goal Setting

Working from home with this little lady for company. She shouldn’t be sitting on my ‘desk’ (dining room table) but she’s too cute.

I had a 4:45 AM start which has given me lots of time to THINK. Dangerous!!! I’ve been thinking about what I would like to achieve in the coming months and how much work and effort will be required.

When it comes to running and fitness I like to get into a routine; I like running to feel comfortable and fun. I do NOT like to push myself or feel uncomfortable. This is a problem for me because I know I need to embrace this stuff if I’m going to improve.

We did a strength finder test at work and ‘achiever‘, ‘positivity‘ and ‘learner‘ are in my top three. I think this is a fair representation of my personality type. I feel I achieved my potential academically – I was not afraid of hard work, and the same goes for my career. As for sport…I was always ok at school, I was on every team, good enough to play but never that bothered about improvement.

So…Why do I settle on being mediocre when it comes to sport? I looked through the list of 30-something personality types on the strength finder test and discovered the word COMPETITION was at the very bottom of the list. Competitive. The word that describes me the least. {DP finds this hilarious of course; he has had to endure a number of board games with me and our friends, and I do like to win those!!}

Maybe I’m wired a certain way…but I don’t think I have to settle for being mediocre at everything fitness-related. I’m hardly going to give Paula a run for her money…but I am sure I can improve whilst still enjoying myself. Maybe I’ll even like the CHALLENGE???

So..there you have it…COMPETITION and CHALLENGE. It’s time to set some GOALS:

1. Increase my weekly mileage to 35 MILES PER WEEK by Christmas.

2. Run a sub-two-hour half. I’ve been wanting this for ages, but haven’t done much about it. Grrr.

3. Complete the London Marathon in under 4:30. {Every little bit of me wants to say under 5:00 because I want an easy life. I just can’t help myself?!!! I realise a sub 4:30 is still a stroll in the park to many…}

I think I need to commit to some training changes in order to achieve these goals. SO…COMMITMENTS:

1. Sign up for Pile on the Miles 2012! Monica over at Run Eat Repeat is organising this…the plan is that we all commit to running further during the month of November. Everyone picks their own mileage goal and updates the joint spreadsheet with their results each week during the month. LOVE this idea. There are prizes up for grabs too which is a bonus. I have set my goal as 100 miles, which will be fairly challenging as I’m away a lot over November. Better start to love that treadmill.

2. Start interval training. Continue interval training. Don’t jump off the tread after ten minutes.

3. Pick a marathon training programme and stick to it as much as possible. I can’t be trusted when left to my own devices.

And now totally off the topic of running, other goals {yep I know it’s not the new year, so not sure why I am making resolutions}:

1. Sort out my personal admin. I’m so chaotic. Praise God that my husband is organised.

2. Buy a full length mirror so that I don’t have to check all my outfits in the toilets at work when it’s too late to change them.

3. Stop eating crisps. And chocolate, I don’t even like chocolate that much! Stop it stop it!! Eat fruit and all that healthy shizzle instead.

Speaking of workplace bathrooms, I enjoyed a photo opp or two in the loos this week. Delightful.

Excellent quality there, thanks for everything Apple…

I read last week that florals are back for winter, but they should be darker florals or brights with black…so I pulled this little number out of the wardrobe. Thank goodness I was three years ahead of the trend…;) The shoes are classic black Louboutins. They almost look patent-leather but they are just really glossy regular leather. They were my ‘congrats on qualifying as a lawyer’ present. Best.Present.Ever. Could wear them every day and night.

Perhaps another goal should be to stop wearing cardigans because I’m not a grandma. Expect cardis to make a massive comeback in 2015 if my floral trend prediction is anything to go by. You heard it here first…

If anyone out there is reading and wants to share their goals or commitments, I would love to hear them!!



3 thoughts on “Reluctant Goal Setting

  1. First of all, I LOOOVE your outfit! Where, where, where did you get your dress???

    Secondly, there is just so much in here I can relate to. I know that I have no competitive bone in my body. I always wondered if that was a bad thing. haha!
    Also, we have so many of the same goals! I also need to increase my milage, run a sub 2hr half and pick a marathon training plan. Let’s do this!

    1. Thanks! The dress was from Miss Selfidge all the way back from Autumn/Winter 2009, I bought it to wear on honeymoon and still love it.

      I’m glad it’s not just me that is not competitive! šŸ™‚ and great that we share some goals!!

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