One Week To Go

With just one week to go until the race, I’m getting a bit nervous. I’ve been training consistently for 12 weeks now so I KNOW that I’m fit and capable of running the distance, but nerves still get the better of me and I start to doubt whether I will be able to meet the goals that I’ve set myself. Running is so mental for me…it’s all in my head so I just need to keep it together.

They say that you should do a race day ‘dress rehearsal’ to make sure that your kit is comfortable and is going to work for you during the race. The Run 2 The Beat race sponsor is Nike and they have provided Nike race t shirts for each competitor, with a printed number instead of a standard paper race number. I was worried about wearing a t shirt that I didn’t pick and hadn’t trained in, but thankfully the size is great (it’s a small, but it’s long enough and not too tight). I got all my kit and fuel together and went out for my test run on Saturday morning.


Total miles: 8.5ish at 9:34ish

I was aiming for a 9:30 average so I was just about there. Unfortunately, my stats are all a bit vague because my Garmin died after mile 7…. dress rehearsal lesson 1: charge my Garmin before the race!!!

Mile splits: 9:09, 9:05, 9:57, 9:34, 10:21, 9:32, 9:19….and I haven’t done the maths for the last mile or so…

Miles 3 and 5 were uphill and offroad/muddy. It was not much fun so I called DP at mile 5 for a pep talk! It did the job and the rest of the run was much more enjoyable. The route itself was very scenic, I ran past woods, farms and stunning homes. It was not very ‘London’ as evidenced by this snap I took around mile 3:


After the run I went to the cinema with DP to see Taken 2 and eat copious amounts of Ben&Jerry’s frozen yoghurt. Our local cinema has decided that we should all be eating the full fat stuff instead, there was no ‘healthy’ version, so I got to enjoy a scoop of Chunky Monkey…AMAZING, banana, chocolate, walnut, yum!


I also had some time this weekend to check out that JC catalogue…I am loving these flats, they would be perfect for work, but I can’t imagine ever buying designer flats. If I’m paying a lot of money I expect a good heel! They look really cute though, I’m sure I can find a high street version at a more reasonable price:


Other weekend activities included a lovely night in with hubby on Friday. We started on this bottle of white which I’m sure we will finish tonight:


I don’t usually go for French white, but it was on offer and the description said that it was a good alternative to Pinot Grigio so I thought I’d give it a try. I usually drink New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot but I’m trying to branch out. There was nothing wrong with it, but it didn’t exactly thrill me.

I do wonder whether I should stop drinking when I’m training for a race. I always have the best intentions of doing so, but I’ve never quite managed it! DP and I love to drink a glass of wine with our food, particularly at the weekend, so whilst we don’t drink heavily we would definitely miss it if we stopped. I figure that as long as we do all things in moderation, it’s probably ok. And on that note…I may go and pour myself another glass….cheers!!!



One thought on “One Week To Go

  1. You definitely look the part of a runner!! 😀

    I am SO with you – If i’m paying a lot, there better be at least a 5 inch heel attached(since i’m crazy short). Although, those flats are super cute!

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