A New Season

Autumn seems to be in full swing and I’m loving it so far because it really is perfect weather for running. Not sweaty-hot, not lots-of-layers-cold, plus everything looks so beautiful!

I was working the crazy shift at work yesterday which meant I finished at 2pm. I planned to make the most of the sunshine and head out for a long-ish run of around 8 miles but within a couple of minutes I realised that it was going to be too much for me. My calves and quads ached and were screaming at me on every incline. This is exactly what happened last week; I clearly hadn’t recovered from my last run then, and this time I think my legs were tired from Wednesday’s session after a full week of rest and illness.

Instead of pushing myself I decided to take it easy and head into the woods for a short but interesting jog.

All was well until I had to crawl under a tree which had fallen and was blocking the path, and ended up putting my head into some kind of nettle. Idiot! The stinging face was not great but at least the tree didn’t fall any further and crush me to death…

Once I made it out of the woods I decided to take a leisurely stroll home. I’d been expecting to go on a long run along busy London roads so I was wearing my high vis jacket and full kit…Garmin, Nathan pak, tights etc…I must have looked like a total loser going for a casual walk in all my kit! I rarely quit running and decide to walk instead but it was one of those days, as evidenced by the whole tree/bush/face debacle.

Anyway…at least I got to take some pretty pictures, and on my return I discovered that I had an exciting looking package from Jimmy Choo. No, not shoes sadly, but their latest catalogue (sounds like the wrong word, but I mean pretty pictures of their new collection!).

I’ve had a quick look and I LOVE these SO MUCH.

Ok…so I already have an identical pair in nude snakeskin, but the metallic green looks incredible. I would tell DP that I need them but unless work implement a ‘you must wear metallic green choos to work’ policy, I think we will have a fall out over the dictionary definition of ‘need’.

…I’m going to have a chat to my boss and the HR team about that policy and see what I can do…



2 thoughts on “A New Season

  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment, and welcome to the blogging world!

    I see you ran a full marathon before? Absolutely amazing, congrats! That’s my main goal one day. Also, I’m hoping to get a chance to run a half in the U.K. when I visit my brother in the new year.
    Looking forward to reading more from you!

    1. Thanks!! I have only just plucked up the courage today to let anyone know I have a blog, now that I might have an audience there is no backing out 😉 exciting!

      I did run a marathon last year…it was crazy and painful but totally amazing. I look forward to seeing more half marathon recaps from you and hopefully a full marathon recap too! Jx

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