Training & Another Half

This is going to be short and sweet. Actually, short and dull if you like pictures or content that is not running related!
After a week of cold turkey I’m back in the game. Slowly.


Easy-peasy pathetic excuse for a run. But better than nothing.

2k on the tread. It took me 14 min, so it’s possibly the shortest and slowest treadmill sesh in history.


6.35m @ 9:39 pace


9:02; 9:23; 9:49; 9:52; 9:40; 9:59; 0:35

As you can see, I got progressively slower, so it wasn’t a great run but I was just so pleased to be out there and doing something. It was a fairly hilly route and it felt great to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. It’s very autumnal in London now but it’s still mild so pleasant enough for most sessions.

In another news, I have just signed up for another half marathon – the Cambridge half in March 2013. This should fit in perfectly with my London Marathon training plus it’s three weeks after the Brighton half, so I should be fit and ready! Cambridge is flat could be fast..ish.

Hoping to go for a run this afternoon as I’m on the early shift at work and will be finished by 2pm.



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