The Wedding

I had such a lovely long weekend celebrating my brother’s marriage to my beautiful sister in law. She wore a stunning lace dress:


I was one of six bridesmaids. We all wore this v flattering purple number:


The groom looked great and so happy. I’m proud of my baby bro!

It was a great time of celebration and an opportunity for friends and family to gather from all over the world, from as far as New Zealand to the USA. Having my Grandad and Auntie Helen over from NZ was really special.

The old ball and chain scrubbed up pretty well too. Here he is with his bestie:


The only thing I missed this weekend was a long run. Or a short run. Or any run. I didn’t even get a run in my stockings and to my knowledge my mascara did not run. Scandalous. The only running was by my other sister in law who is TOTES AMAZE and decided that she would run a half marathon on the morning after the wedding. She is nuts. And dedicated, which is why she looks so beautiful, like this:


But back to the point…I had a nasty cold which is still lurking around. I’d normally run with a head cold but I was desperate to feel ok on the wedding day plus the half marathon is only 11 days away, so I played it safe and had nearly a full week of ‘rest’. Not sure staying up until 2 am after the wedding counts as rest, but hey ho.

Going to hit the road tonight after work and force myself to go on a non-embarrassing run. I’ve said it now, so I need to do it.

Before I do that, I’m going to devour some goats cheese salad and get on with an afternoon of work.

The best thing about working from home is definitely having a fridge full of good food, so that I don’t resort to fish and chips from the canteen. If Dan has been stocking up on crisps and sweets it can also be very dangerous! I may or may not have had beef hula hoops for brekkie…




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