How to run and carry STUFF

Got up at 4.45 am today…I cannot remember the last time I was awake during the hour of FOUR but I suspect I was leaving to catch a flight to somewhere hot. Sadly, that is not why I got up so early today. I have started supporting my colleagues out in our Sydney office and we had a conference call arranged for 5.30 am London time.

Bonus is that I can work in my PJs…!

Thankfully, I love mornings. I’m more productive and the time seems to fly by. I love running in the mornings but I’ve come down with a cold and I’m desperate to feel well for the big fat wedding on Saturday so I’m having a much needed rest day. In fact, every day this week has been a rest day. I went out for an 8 mile run on Tuesday but my muscles felt so tired and sore that I stopped after two. Mile 1 @ 9:40, mile 2 @ 9:01. I blame it on not stretching properly after Sunday’s 12 miler and the fact that I was getting ill, even though I didn’t realise it at the time.

I’m pretty disappointed that I haven’t trained properly this week but I want to concentrate on feeling as well as possible for the weekend. Plus, having the 12 miler under my belt has given me confidence for race day so I’m trying not to let it bother me.

Anyway…all a bit off topic. What I was going to say was…I’m always interested to know how people manage to hold stuff whilst running. I have one of these, which I used for a few races including the marathon:

However…it did not work for me at all. The design means that the pouch flaps up and down and the back strap chaffed leaving me with a really sexy scab. The redeeming features are that it was pretty cheap, it holds loads of gels along the strap, and it seems to be very reflective!

So…I decided it was time for an upgrade. It looks like this and fits all of these bits comfortably:

The Nathan Shadow Pak. Just realised this picture is rubbish…oops

The Shadow Pak was recommended to me by my good friend and running-buddy cousin-in-law who has one for her amazing triathlon training. I wore it on Sunday’s long run and thought it was great. It didn’t move around or irritate/distract me; I could barely feel it. It is fully adjustable so fits perfectly round the waist which means that badly fitting running tops look better immediately. I have a waist, whoo hoo! The only probably was that my top kept riding up at the back…I may need to lube up on race day to avoid rubbing!

In terms of’s pretty small but fits a phone, keys, cards and a bit of fuel. I don’t usually run with a phone but from a safety perspective I think it’s a good idea. It also means I can text Dan when I’m a couple of miles from home and ask him to run me a bath ready for my return. Major marriage perk right there! It also contains a little ID section so that you can write down your in case of emergency details.

I got it in pink because it was on sale and the other colours were not. I am a super girlie-girl and love pink…but all-pink running outfits are NOT a great look. At least the Forerunner 10 is in Green…phew. Speaking of which, I caught this one trying to eat my Garmin earlier. Not impressed!

Yep, she had her kitty claws all over that. And then pretended nothing happened. Grrrrrr.






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