What’s Occurring?

Happy news,  these things occurred!


Every year I enter the London marathon ballot. Ever year, I receive a rejection notice. I continue to enter because under the old rules (before it changed from Flora LM to Virgin LM) they had a 5-rejections-and-you’re-in rule. On this basis, I was guaranteed a place in 2014, so I expected another rejection this year. I was SO SHOCKED when this arrived at the end of September:

I had not given the marathon much thought since I entered the ballot in April. I was overwhelmed to discover I have a place!

My first and only marathon was the VLM 2011. During the race I said ‘never again’ but they say it’s like childbirth and you quickly forget the pain. I have zero childbirth experience but once I had the medal around my neck I know it wouldn’t be the last time. I just didn’t expect marathon number 2 to come around so quickly.

I’m in I’m in I’m in!

In a way, it’s perfect timing. I have the Run to the Beat half marathon in 2 weeks plus I’ve signed up for the Brighton half marathon in February to keep me motivated during the winter. This should all be perfect prep for the big day – Sunday 21st April 2013!


Whilst writing this post Bella brought me a present. She usually brings leaves and if she is feeling really brave, the odd twig or two. As it’s autumn, I assumed the small brown offering in her mouth was a leaf. But no. It was not. It was a teeny tiny gorgeous little birdie! I did not know what to do! Poor little thing. Do I (a) Kill it and put it out of its misery?; (b) Phone the RSPB?; (c) Call the police and grass Bella up for murder?; or (d) none of the above? Luckily for birdie, I did not go for (a) and thankfully for Bella I did not opt for (c). I went for (d) none of the above and took the little mite out into the garden and semi chucked her into the air. This sounds so mean but it worked and she flew off into some tall trees near the other end of the garden. She didn’t seem injured, just very shocked. Phew.

She’s a killer. Nearly.

Danny will be so proud of Bella for growing a pair. I am terrified that she is going to attack something and leave it to die on the soft furnishings.

3. New SHOES and a WEDDING

On Saturday we have HUGE family event! My baby-baby-brother is marrying my husband’s baby-baby-sister. Oh yes, I didn’t make that one up! They are an amazing couple and I am so excited for the pair of them. I cannot wait to celebrate this special event with both our families. I am one of SIX bridesmaids and I needed new shoes for the occasion. When I say needed, I do actually mean it. The shoes had to be black and not too high…3.5 inch max. My other black shoes are too high or too detailed or would just not work with the dress. Don’t believe me?

They are all either too high, too low, too detailed.
None of these will work. Honestly!

So…after searching every shop in north London (minor exaggeration) I came away with these:

They look really cute on, plus I wore them to work last week to wear them in and they were pretty comfy. Yay!

4. Wine, CHEESE, McD’s

On Sat I went to a friend’s wine and cheese party. Just in case the wine and cheese were not sufficiently unhealthy I decided to eat a McDonald’s meal at midnight. Yuk. Actually yum at the time but yuk on Sunday morning when I realised I was meant to be heading out for a 12 miler.

Instead of my usual early start I stayed in bed for way longer than usual. I fed hubbie painkillers and liquids (he was suffering more than me) before carbing up and heading out. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and the route was challenging and hilly.

Distance: 12.68 miles, average pace of 09:53. Not too shabby given the elevation gain of 757 ft and the McD’s hangover.

5. Bridal Shower

It was my sister-in-law’s bridal shower last week. Had such a lovely time with friends and family, including a gorgeous run along the river in Cambridge. Cambridge is SO flat which makes running so much easier. I ran with my cousin(in-law) and we chatted all the way so the time really flew by.

Distance: 11.63 miles, average pace of 09:27. Elevation gain was only 130 ft.

I really should start taking pictures when running in such lovely locations! Otherwise I may have to resort to copyright infringement. As a lawyer, that could be career-limiting.

6. Heeled TRAINERS?

Everyone is wearing crazy shoes. Like this:

Is it a shoe? Or a boot? Or a trainer? Who knows…

Looks like your ordinary shoe/boot/trainery thing, but oh no, it has a concealed wedge heel!? How weird is that?? Unless you are Tom Cruise in which case it makes sense. Personally, I am tall enough and if I’m going down the heels route I prefer the more traditional stiletto or wedge. The ones pictured above belong to a friend and cost her £400. The world has gone mad.

Actually, they looked amazing on her but she is a hottie and seriously cool/hip or whatever people say these days (I am a good 15 years behind the times, apologies) so she could wear pretty much anything and make it look good. But me…no…I will not, cannot, pull off that look. From a practical perspective , I suppose I could go running in them. Think I’ll stick to my Asics for now though.



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