Blog Fear???

SO….I got crazy blogging fear!

Tried to find a pic of me looking scared. Apparently, I do not scare easily, so instead, this is a picture of trying to scare a child. Nice.

I decided that blogging was probably:

1. Too time consuming;

2. Creepy because total strangers could, in theory, see what I’ve been up to;

3. Self-indulgent.


On reflection:

1. Yes it is, but I don’t HAVE to blog every day or every week or ever, and it’s no more time consuming that watching Gossip Girl, Dallas, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, SATC etc… plus women are meant to be able to multi-task so maybe I really can do it all?!

2. Highly unlikely that many people are going to read this so I need to get a grip and not post about creepy stuff that I would not share with strangers.

3. Hmm…..I do not want it to be like that. If it is, my husband will tell me to get a life and some perspective, so think we’re ok on this one.

I do wonder if other bloggers get occasional blog fear. I’m probably over-thinking things as usual…






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