Welcome to my little blog!

Hi, I’m Jodie…welcome to my little blog!

This is me and my wonky head

I am originally from Auckland (NZ) but grew up in Cambridge (UK) and now live in London. You can read more about me over here.

I’ve called myself ‘WellHeeledRunner’ due to my love of shoes and my desire to become a runner…I’m not sure I qualify as a runner yet?!
I love early mornings jogging in London or in the countryside, is that enough? Unfortunately I do not mix well with treadmills so I’m not looking forward to the dark winter months training in the gym.

I hope that having a blog will inspire me to keep on running….I need material! I’m also hoping that it will prevent DP from giving up on me…if I force him to look at another foot-photo he will probably leave me. I need to share the shoe-love someone one else. Anyone else!

Shoe Love!

What’s not to love about shoe snaps?

Patriotic feet for the Queen’s Jubilee

I realise there are more important things in life than running and shoes…pretty much everything in my life is more important, so my intention is to keep this lighthearted. Please don’t take any of this too seriously!

I used to think that blogs were for uber-cool types that know about the latest trends at least five seasons before the rest of us, or that blogs were soapboxes for overly-opinionated individuals with a lack of perspective. A few months ago I stumbled upon some running blogs that totally changed my opinion…I was surprised and happy to be proved wrong! There were loads of interesting stories about people’s lives and achievements…and I found myself wanting to join in.

I hope you enjoy the read. Your comments and future post suggestions are very welcome. I have no idea what I’m doing and I may run out of material by the end of the week. We shall see!



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